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Visiting Minneapolis over Labor Day weekend

We expect to be in the airport area, with quick access to Minnehaha Falls. Any lunch and dinner places that are must-eats? Lunch ~ 20$ for 2, dinner ~ 50$ for 2 people. We love Persian, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese....but really anything goes.

Thank you!

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  1. Not too far north of the airport is Himalayan Restaurant, which serves incredibly delicious Nepalese food. One of my favorite restaurants in Mpls. My favorites are the momos, palak paneer, lamb curry and mango lassi, but I've tried just about the entire menu and it's all equally good!

    1. Dosa King in Blaine is excellent. It's southern Indian, which apparently means all vegetarian, and dosas are a large, crepe like wrapper for a variety of ingredients.

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        Good to know about Dosa King, Semanticantics. I put it on my list as a spot to visit. But for the OP, Blaine is quite far from the airport.

      2. Sea Salt Eatery is in Minnehaha Falls Park. You order at the counter and the food is delivered to your table. You can't quite see the falls, but you can hear them; it's a beautiful setting. My favorite menu item is the crab cakes.

        Be warned: There is no indoor seating.

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          Also be warned that lines are prevalent during much of the day. If you're pressed for time, it may or may not be a good bet.

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            I have eaten indoors many time at Sea Salt. . Has something changed?

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              You are correct! What I intended to say is that if there is a special event, there is no indoor seating. Brain fart. Thanks for catching that!

          2. Solid choice would be Busters On 28th .. Just north of the airport - north side of Lake Hiawatha. Gastropub fare.

            1. If you are actually in the airport, Mill CityTavern on the G concourse is really, really good.

              1. You really aren't too far from On's Thai Kitchen (15 minutes from airport) or Ngon Vietnamese Bistro (20 minutes). Both on University avenue, and both open for lunch and dinner. Ngon's also has a good happy hour and nice outdoor seating.

                For lunch, Andale (good tacos) is about 5-10 minutes west of the airport on 494 at Nicollet. (Nicollet exit closed for construction, so take Lyndale and backtrack).

                For Persian, Caspian Bistro is decent (just don't order anything with chicken; it tends to be overcooked). Open for lunch and dinner.

                1. A few minutes north of M'haha Falls is Midori's Floating World Café for excellent sushi and ramen.

                  Also, without even leaving the airport, you can get a fantastic prosciutto and pecorino sandwich with a wonderful beet side salad at Surdyk's Flights in the Main Concourse.

                  1. Ok, the MPLS board rocks. I didn't check back since posting. Thanks you guys!

                    Wish I hadn't specified Indian, Thai etc. If I may throw this out now, given the budget and the location, would you suggest any other places?

                    And, this is not food-related, but here goes - we are looking to visit Minnehaha falls - other than that, any other places (outdoors) ? I am amazed to see parks and lakes in the middle of the city! Far cry from Texas.

                    Thanks again :)

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                      I think it's a little unclear -- are you here for the whole weekend and are staying in Bloomington by the airport? Or do you have a layover at the airport and need to get back quickly? The airport is only 15 minutes from either downtown, so I'm mostly confused by that as a reference point if you're willing to drive a bit.

                      Here's a recent thread on lunch by the airport: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/855833
                      And another recent thread on dinner options close to the airport: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/848687

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                        Jaycooke, sorry for the confusion. We will be there for the whole weekend, go to the State Fair one of those days and stay in Bloomington by the airport. I'll check those links. Thanks!

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                        Although I drive by Minnehaha Falls Park regulary, I haven't been to see the falls themselves recently. In dry years, they can be reduced to nothing more than a trickle.

                        Lake Harriet and Lake of the Isles are probably the favorite lakes for walking around. The Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden is also a good outdoor activity. And then there's the Minnesota State Fair which ends on Labor Day.

                        For dinner, consider Al Vento at 34th Avenue and 50th Street. Half price on ALL ALCOHOL prior to 6pm. Excellent Amatriciana. For breakfast and lunch, Colossal Cafe at 42nd and Cedar. For dinner or lunch, Punch Pizza at Cleveland and HIghland Parkway in St. Paul. For breakfast, Hot Plate at 52nd and Bloomington Avenue (great pancakes).

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                          Thanks much Brad. Al Vento is on my list, I have Tilia and Aussie Kebabs planned as well. My spouse isnt much of a brekfast eater, so I might pass on Hot Plate. Their peanut butter pancakes sure sound good though! Ooooh, and the Sea Salt Eatery.

                      3. I had a very solid meal at T's Place this week. It originally was a Malaysian-Ethiopian fusion place, but the menu has swung almost completely toward Ethiopian. Had a vegetarian sampler with a great selection. The meat sampler looked great too. It's about 25 blocks north of Minnehaha Falls on Lake Street just (1/2 block) east of Minnehaha Avenue. 7 minutes away from the falls in a straight shot.