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Aug 28, 2012 05:36 PM

What's Your Low-Cal, Favorite Foodie-Dish?

Since I've been on a diet and reached my goal, I've realized that I can't really make/eat my old-school dishes anymore (too carby, too high in fats etc.). This has caused me to completely re-think and redesign old favorites and completely retire others. For instance my old recipe for Chicago Deep Dish, has been basically retired, sniff, sniff, to a low carb cheese crispy pizza made on a whole wheat tortilla.

So what's your favorite low-cal, or even lower-calorie dish, even if it means you modified an old one?

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  1. On a side note, why can't you have those dishes of old anymore ever again? You won't get fat if you have them infrequently.

    When it comes to your body's composition, it's not what you do 5% of the time that matters, it's what you do 95% of the time that matters.

    1. Uhm...ratatouille?
      That's my best guess. It's super packed full of "good for you" stuff and is pretty much a classic.
      Fun to shop for the ingredients at the local Farmers' Market. Goes with many wines, if those are on your "can have" list. If you need protein just add chickpeas or top with a mild white fish. Your carb-starved friends can have it with pasta.

      Good luck and best wishes!

      1. We've been ordering pizza from a nearby brick oven place topped with lots of veggies, with no mozzarella cheese, just grated romano. We still don't make it too much of a habit, but on those nights I don't feel like cooking it's tasty, healthy, and someone else did the cooking!

        1. I'll make a pizza/tart "crust" using bulgur, quinoa and eggs. Spread it out on parchment, bake until set, top with your toppings, and back in the oven. It's not the SAME. But it's delicious. And bulgur and quinoa are really good for you. Just go easy on the cheese!

          I'll also use bulgur and/or quinoa for fried "rice" when I really want it.

          When I'm craving pasta, sometimes I'll make a pasta sauce that's full of fish and veggies, and then stir in just a bit of pasta. It can really satisfy!

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            I would love your recipe for the pizza/tart, brilliant! If you don't mind.

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              I would also love that recipe!

              I heart bulgur.

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                Sounds interesting. Is it anything like the cauliflower "crust" recipe I've seen floating around lately?

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                  I'm afraid there's really no recipe. I had friends over for an afternoon patio drink once. It turned into dinner, I evaluated my pantry, and came up with this, and have made it since. I usually cook a big batch of bulgur or quinoa on Sundays so I have it all week. This day, I had both, so mixed them, but it works with just one, as well. I added some salt and then stirred in beaten eggs so that all of the grains were covered, but not so that the eggs were pooling over overwhelming the bulgur. Just enough to set it. Put parchment on a sheet pan and spread your grain/egg mixture as thin as you want it. I like it about 1/3 of an inch, but if you want deep dish, make it deeper. Bake it at 350/375 until the egg feels set. It doesn't take long for a thin one, maybe 8-10 minutes. Then top away. I did marinara sauce and veggies, but I've also done just grilled veggies and goat cheese and that was great too.

              2. I guess it has to be when I make a curry. In the past I have substituted the cream for soy yogurt and I've used coconut water instead of coconut cream. I also like using shrimp as the protein, which I add in near the end of the cooking process. The curry I like to mostly make is based on the Korma, and I feel that the spices used in this dish are full of great benefits.