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Aug 28, 2012 04:38 PM

Crab Fries in Boston?

I enjoyed the Crab Fries with the white cheese dipping sauce in Philly @ Chickie & Pete's. Does anyone in the Boston area make Crab Fries? I want a heavy dose of Old Bay breath and finger tips soon!

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  1. We really don't do much crab or Old Bay in Boston....

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    1. Moogy's in Brighton has Old Bay fries. Not something you see around much, though. Have seen Utz "Crab Chips" more and more, usually seasonally at Market Basket (chelsea) and just noticed them in small bags at Shaw's in Central Sq.

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        Thanks, Moogy's is now on my radar. But, no mention of that tantalizing, gooey, white cheese sauce like @ Chickie & Pete's. I wil report back like an obedient operative.

      2. I believe that Amsterdam Falafel has Old Bay to put on their french fries. I'm not sure how the fries themselves are, though...