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Aug 28, 2012 04:21 PM

Has anyone used this website to make reservations? They offer discounts at many restaurants but I didn't know how reliable it is...

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  1. A few times, no problem. Selection is limited, tho. -- Jake

    1. We used it one night recently and all went well.

      1. used a number of times with no problems, never used a discount though.

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          PS, re discounts -- we recently made a reservation with 40 percent off the carte at Le Reminet. All went fine, and the discount was presented on l'addition without any prompting. -- Jake

        2. If you mean lafourchette, it's very good and reliable. If you're in the 4th, Métropolitain is a terrific restaurant with a very good mid-week special through lafourchette.

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            Thanks for the tip. I guess they sent me to the English language version!

          2. I have just discovered it and will use it for this trip because I am tired of finding that everything I like is closed until I leave. (It is a conspiracy!) The best choices don't seem to be on the list but I will make do, I guess. This may be the best thing for August tourists who do not have ready access to a phone.

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              I tried it on Tuesday and it was fine. They honored the discount even though I arrived late and was listed as a "no show."