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Does anybody remember the name of this cookie?

I hope someone can help me. I write a blog, and I want to write as part of a "Products I Miss" post a cookie I enjoyed in the early 70's. It was a sugar cookie about 3 inches in diameter, with a hole in the middle, swirly pattern on the front, with a scalloped edge. It may have been made by Nabisco, but I'm not sure about that. It was def not the Nabisco Butter Cookie, which were smaller and not swirly. If anyone knows the name of the cookie, I would appreciate knowing it. In my wildest dreams if I can find the name, I'd also like to find/create a mock-up. Thanks for any help anyone out there can give!

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  1. Royal Dansk has one in its collection that meets that physical description

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      No, I'm remembering them too - they were our favorite butter cookies, in fact. Perfectly round, about 1/8" thick, so unlike the Royal Dansk ones they were basically flat disks. As I recall they came in a tray, like a lot of crackers do. And I'm coming up as short on brand here as Mariposa is …

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        Sunshine, maybe? This does sound familiar...

    2. Not sure where you ate yours, but I grew up in Chicago and we enjoyed similar plain cookies--a regional type, I believe. Identical to your description, they were very thin with edges scalloped and stamped with name and circular designs and ridges. Salerno Butter Cookies came in a blue box with stacks of five or six cookies in paper wrappers. The company sponsored the TV show Garfield Goose. I remember wearing them like rings on my fingers and nibbling carefully until they disappeared.


      1. No, it's def not the Salerno/Nabisco. Nor the others, although they look delicious. Like Will said, the ones I'm thinking of were very thin, yes about 1/8" inch thick is right, I'd say, with scalloped edges, and each scallop had a spiral in it, I think. That's what I meant by "swirly". For what it's worth, I think I remember them coming in a pink and clear cellophane wrapped thing, with three sections filled with about 6 cookies each. Does that jog any memories?

          1. Oops j2togashi guessed that already. They're so delicious, definitely miss those things.

            1. Could it possibly be a Voortman's cookie, link below:

                1. Duchess, you're very close. It wasn't an iced lemon shortbread, tho, it was a sugar cookie, but very similar to your picture. When I get a minute, I'll try my luck at contacting Nabisco, and if I have any luck, I'll let you know. Duchess, I thank you! Meantime, here's another photo of Duchess' find:

                  1. Could it be Mayfair Delites?

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                      I don't think so, bards. I'm pretty sure it was Nabisco, and it looked exactly like the pictures Duchess and I posted of their Iced Lemon Shortbreads, but without the yellow icing.

                    2. I seem to recall a Mama's cookie that meets that description. Possibility?

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                      1. I'm pretty sure I know the cookie you are talking about but can't find a reference to it on the internet. It might have been called a sugar cookie ring and had sugar crystals on top. I ate plenty as a kid. Was the packaging pink perhaps or am I remembering wrong?

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                          I seem to remember pink packaging, too, like a tray of 3 compartments, maybe 6 cookies to a compartment. I haven't had any luck yet, either, Jambie, but "sugar cookie rings" sounds sorta familiar, too. I'll check into that, and get back ASAP.

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                            It definitely was not Voortmans. It was a name brand from the early 1970's (maybe Nabisco) and each cookie looked like it had petals on it. They might have also had a slight coconut aftertaste from the oil perhaps. As you can see, I loved these cookies. I tried to find them again in the store maybe as late as the 1990's and was sad to find that they had disappeared but even if they were still being made, they would not be the same due to the change to healthier oils.

                        2. If I'm not mistaken, it is a "Salerno Butter Cookie." Let me know if I'm correct!

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                            Nope a coupla guesses on that one already. Thanks!

                          2. I loved those cookies! Our nursery school in Mississippi used to serve Windmill cookies for snack and I did not like the almond flavor. My Mama always made sure they had those sugar cookies for me to have at snack time. They are very much like the lemon cookies pictured, but no icing, just a dusting of large sugar crystals. I believe they were in pink or red packaging in a tray of 3 rows with about six cookies to a row. They were larger than the Salernos and were probably 2 1/2 or 3 inches in diameter. They might have been Sunshine brand. I haven't seen them in years.

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                              Yes, exactly! Only I'm remembering Nabisco. I did, as I said I would, contact Nabisco when I first started this thread. They gave me the standard response of, "We're always sorry when we have to give customers bad news that we have discontinued a favorite product..by the way, we don't remember your product, and we have no records of it..." But after repeated Googling, I came up with what I think is probably the product. They were probably called "Nabisco Sugar Rings". There is a picture of the cellophane container at this address - http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonlie... photostream/
                              The packaging pictured is from the late '60's, and looks different from what I remember. Since I was born in '65, it is most likely packaging from the early '70's I remember. Since companies are always changing their packaging, maybe they changed it from Jason's picture to the more pink packaging alot of us are remembering. Also, if some of us are remembering right, there were 6 cookies to a section, but this picture is showing 3 sections of it looks like 11 cookies, but maybe Nabisco changed that, too? The name Nabisco Sugar Rings just feels right to me for some reason, what is the group consensus?

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                                The packaging is different, but that's as close as I've seen to the actual cookie. Sugar Rings sounds right. Man I loved those cookies! I was born in '63.

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                                    Yes! Yes! Yes! That's it! Thank you, thank you all VERY much -- I will be writing my blog post soon. I think I will be re-contacting Nabisco -- GHG, how did you ever find this picture? I can't thank everybody who contributed to this discussion enough -- anyone besides me interested in contacting Nabisco to reissue these cookies?

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                                      Honestly? All I did was Google "Nabisco Sugar Rings" and it was the very first result that came up :)

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                                        No such luck when I did that! You must use a better search engine ;)

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                                          Did you put it in quotes? That's key. Anyway, just glad I could help!

                              2. Could it be Nabisco Melody cookies? They came in plain/sugar and chocolate.

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                                  Don't know, that doesn't ring a bell, and searching a bit I couldn't find pictures or any reference to anything but the chocolate version of the Melody Cookies...

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                                    I couldn't find a picture either, but Nabisco has a list of DC'ed products on their website and they have separate listings for Melody Cookies and Chocolate Melody Cookies.

                                    Previous CH discussion about them with description:

                                2. Re Sugar Rings, is Nabisco "too big to remember" its own repertoire?

                                  1. Just wanted to thank everyone again and let anyone who's interested know I have published the promised post on my blog. You can check it out at http://soup2nutzblog.blogspot.com Hope to see you there!