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Aug 28, 2012 03:47 PM

Serbian restaurants

Hi! I have a friend that recently moved from Serbia and is missing great Serbian food. She's willing to go anywhere in the metro area, city, peninsula, San Jose, east bay, etc. Anyone have any ideas? I tried searching and didn't see anything.

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  1. Ah, the quest for Serbian food! I'm not aware of any Serbian restaurants in the Bay Area. There's a Croatian restaurant in Palo Alto:

    This time of year there are often food festivals at various Eastern Orthodox churches. In the past, the Serbian Orthodox Church in Moraga has had one in October. I took a quick peek at their website and didn't see anything listed. But I think networking through the churches is probably her best bet.

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        Sadly, Lavanda closed this month. Makes me feel guilty for not talking it up more. The lamb-beef cevapcici were fantastic and a bargarin on the menu.

      2. 10/20 Noon-10pm - Moraga
        Serbian Food Festival
        Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church 1700 School Street, Moraga

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          Thanks, Zippo! My parents went one year and really enjoyed it.

        2. Maybe not as specialized as your friend would like, but Bistro SF Grill is known for its Balkan burger, a blend of veal and lamb, served with yogurt and an adjvar-like pepper relish.