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Aug 28, 2012 03:13 PM

Rochester restaurants

My granddaughter will be attending R.I.T. We will be visiting her and would like to take her out for a good diner.
We would like a few recs......we would like something nicer than a pizza restaurant.
Thanks in advance

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  1. The area around RIT is mostly chain's. I would recommend heading downtown (10 min drive) to Village Gate. There are 4 outstanding restaurants there, Selena's Mexican, The Gatehouse, California Rollin' Sushi, and Lento (more high end). Opening later this fall is Espada, a Brazilian Steak house.

    1. I've got a few more ideas for you to explore in Rochester: Phillips European is not too far from the RIT campus. They are best known for their desserts. Sticky Lips BBQ has branched out with a second location on Jefferson Road, which would be an easy drive. Palmer's Direct to You Market is also on Jefferson Road. They close early evening, but would be a good casual spot for an afternoon bite, like a burger or a crab cake. It is a place to buy meat and fish, or to eat fresh and quality prepared food in their cafe. There are also a lot of popular Indian restaurants on Jefferson or Henrietta Roads, and some well regarded Korean restaurants too. Scotch and Sirloin is an old school steakhouse on that side of the city. Keep in mind that Rochester is a very easy city to navigate...just about everything is 20 minutes away. If you do go into the city to a museum, you might enjoy a place like 2 Vine, which is an upscale bistro. Enjoy exploring is not a big city, but it has a lot to offer!