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Aug 28, 2012 02:51 PM

Cape Cod Restaurant Recommendations

Hi ... visiting the Cape this week for the first time since I was a child. Looking for recommendations on restaurants I shouldn't miss. Primarily looking for moderate to expensive, but if there's an unbelievable clam bar or roadside stand would love to know about that also.

Staying in the South Yarmouth area, so prefer Hyannis, Barnstable, Harwich, Chatham, Brewster area ... but will travel if worth it. Also interested in one or two on Nantucket.

Interested primarily in seafood and lobster, but might also try other cuisines.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. Seafood /Lobster- Sesuit Cafe on the water in Dennis. Affordable, BYOB, in the rough, on the water, great for kids. Go during off peak time so 11:30 or 2 ish or around 4:30. Peak time=hard to park long lines

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        Thank you. Any recommendations for more of a sit-down seafood restaurant?

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          For fine dining with an oceanfront setting, The Ocean House in Dennisport can't be beat. For sit down clam shack, my favorite clams are at Marathon Seafood in West Dennis. Kreme and Kone in Dennisport is also good. But both are order at the counter places, too.

          Excellent seafood centric menu and a skilled chef can be found at Fin in Dennis Village on 6A. The room is a bit tight, but the food is the star here.

          In Hyannis on Main Street there are a few gems for better dining. Alberto's for Italian/American has a broad menu with many excellent seafood options. Eclectic Cafe is a nice hidden spot. There's a new high end Brazilian Steakhouse is a beautifully renovated sea captains home called Provo Brazil. They also serve Italian fare. Haven't tried it but looks promising.

          Chatham has Impudent oyster, a board favorite for lunch mainly and the superb and little bit funky Hangar B at the Chatham airport for the best breakfast you may ever eat. Don't miss the red flannel hash which is beet based. Lastly, 28 Atlantic at the Wequasett Inn in Harwich is probably the best the Cape can offer for exquisite dining in a beautiful room with a gorgeous view, impeccable food, and stellar service. Bring your wallet. A search on here on the towns you mention will bring a wealth of helpful info.

          And remember, it's Labor Day weekend, so get your reservation in soon as you're competing for a table with 300,000-400,000 of my closest friends. (And they all will be creeping up from Orleans to Sagamore on Monday to crawl off the peninsula's two lane bridges.)

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            Tried Roadhouse in Hyannis tonight. Excellent NE Chowder, Salad, and Blackened Swordfish. Definitely high quality. Was pretty empty too. I get the feeling that the crowds have peaked.

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              Weekend's not here yet. It will be much, much more crowded then. Roadhouse can be hit or miss. Glad you got a hit.

      2. Would love a few recommendations on Nantucket, near the Ferry if possible!

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          Near the ferry for lunch is Slip 14. I had two meals there last June..hope to have snacks and cocktails tomorrow.

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            Thank you. Ended up having dinner at . Very good value (compared to NYC area) for a 2 pounder and maybe the best Sweet Potato fries I've ever had.

        2. Had dinner at Fin's last night. Relatively upscale, quiet ... high quality. But very very limited menu. Had flounder which was very good. But no lobster, no lobster bisque ,and no NE clam chowder on the menu. Also had lunch today at Sesuit. Hassle getting into the parking lot, but eventually got in. Then 20 or so minute wait. Top notch lobster roll and lobster bisque wasn't bad either. Also, tried Cape Cod Creamery, Katies in Hyannis, and Sundae School in Dennis Port. I think the best quality might have been at Cape Cod Creamery, although I didn't care for the flavors very much - how can you spoil Chocolate Ice cream by adding Cinammon to it! I think I enjoyed Sundae School the best, although Katie's certainly wasn't bad.