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Coming to K-town: king-sized dumplings at Daheen Wang Mandoo

Spotted this intriguing sign announcing a 32nd St. branch of Daheen Wang Mandoo, which Flushing hounds discovered soon after it opened last year ( http://www.chow.com/digest/98725/jumb... ). Turns out New York magazine mentioned this in its fall preview ( http://newyork.grubstreet.com/2012/08... ) and said it'll open in October. It'll be at 2 W. 32nd between Mandoo Bar and E-Mo, the kimbap place.

Also news to me: that Koryodang closed sometime this summer and was replaced by an outpost of Tous Les Jours ( http://www.touslesjoursusa.com ), a bakery-cafe chain from Korea. Anyone been?

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  1. Wow this looks like tremendous news. I just had lunch today at the K Town Food Gallery32 or whatever they call it.

    1. ahh i like wang mandoo, hopefully it will be good

      ive been to tous les jours, def better than koryodong although i dont think it is all that different than paris baguette

      1. I live in Flushing and go to Daheen several times a week. Their mandoo is just irresistible. The cold buckwheat noodles go well with mandoo too. Sad this summer is almost over...Anyway, can't wait to go to the Manhattan branch.

        1. Opened Wednesday, Jan. 9. Hours 11:30 am-10:30 pm daily; takes credit cards; delivers from 30th to 34th Sts. and Broadway to Madison Ave. Didn't eat there but grabbed a menu, which is longer and broader (pizza mandoo? kimchi quesadilla?) than I expected:

          MANDOO: Jumbo mandoo (choice of vegetable, beef, shrimp, kalbi, pizza or chicken curry: $2); red bean cake ($2).

          STEAMED BUNS (with braised pork belly: $7.50)

          SMALL DISH: Cabbage pancake (with kimchi, seafood or vegetables: $6.50); ddukboki (stir-fried rice cakes and vegetables in spicy sauce: $8.50); tofu tangsu (fried tofu with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce: $7.50); tofu gangjung (fried tofu mixed with peanuts in honey sauce: $7.25); tofu sobaegi (breaded tofu stuffed with minced shiitake: $6.75).

          LARGE DISH: Pork cutlet (breaded deep-fried pork with cabbage salad and rice: $12.75), chicken cutlet ($11.75), pork loin (sauteed sliced pork with mixed vegetables in spicy sauce: $16.50), kimchi quesadilla (crispy tortilla filled with kimchi and cheese: $10.25).

          RICE: Bibimbab (choice of kimchi, tofu, vegetables, mushroom, chicken, beef or shrimp: $12.50; $13.50 with beef or shrimp); hot stone bowl bibimbab ($13.50; $14.50 with seafood or beef); fried rice (choice of kimchi, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp: $12.50; $13.50 with beef or shrimp).

          NOODLE: Vegetable ramen ($11.25); Daheen ramen (with pork, chicken and "our chef's secret kitchen sauce": $12.50); spicy ramen ($12.50); sauteed seafood noodle ($12.50); spicy cold noodle (rice noodles with mixed vegetables: $11.75).

          EXTRA: Ramen noodles ($3); rice ($1).

          DRINK: Soda ($1.50); hot tea (yuja, plum, green tea: $2); cold drink (yuja, plum, bottled drink: $2.50); bottled water ($2).

          Daheen Wang Mandoo
          2 W. 32nd Street, 212-510-7332

          1. the true star of Daheen is their hotteok. i don't know another place in manhattan that serves it and it's perfect for the weather.


            1. went today and learned that they're not serving hotteuk yet, but they will be soon.

              the mandoo are different from the Flushing location. not better, but still good. for $2 each, they're a tremendous value. the kimchi mandoo was ok, but the daeji kalbi was very good. they have a "pizza" version, which we were told consists of tomato and corn. i'll let someone else report on that.

              maybe foolishly, my wife and i each ordered a ramen - she the vegetable broth and me the pork. we were both underwhelmed with the broth, the noodles and the toppings. i wouldn't order either again, especially at $13 apiece. we'll go back for the mandoo and have interest in their version of pork buns (Momofuku/Ippudo style, but seared, not braised).

              1. How does this place compare to Bunn inside the food gallery? Interested in seeing a comparative review.

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                    Check before going. I think Daheen closed.

                    1. re: coasts

                      I think they just reopened last week

                      1. re: hoi lai

                        Same name, and the lady at the counter says they're still affiliated with Daheen in Flushing.

                        Wang mandoo are still available (five varieties, $2 apiece), but the rest of the menu looks pretty different: It's Kup this-or-that: Kup rice combos, Kup noodles, Kup salads. Also "bucket chicken" with a choice of 10 sauces and "tornado" or "Belgium" fries.

                        1. re: squid kun

                          Went today for lunch and they had no wang mandoos for 30 minutes. Went to Bunn - their pocket Bunns are pretty damn good.

                  2. squid, the second part of your question went unanswered. Tous Les Jours has been a major disappointment on all fronts. i've tried several pastries, including common Korean offerings and TLJ specialties, and wouldn't look to have any of them again.

                    at its best, it's not an improvement over Koryodang. they were serving stumptown coffee, so there's at least some value to the flushing locations.

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                      the only thing i really like at tous les jours are those strawberry pastries, in general i think paris baguette is better

                    2. Daheen and its successor didn't last long. The space is now occupied by Sunny Sashimi, and tanks of live fish have replaced the dumpling station in the window.

                      Yelpers are talking up lunch specials and sushi rolls, but the real novelty here for Manhattanites might be the items listed in English under sashimi. I couldn't ask the guy at the counter for details (language disconnect), but I think this place serves hwe courses of the kind available in Flushing (http://www.chow.com/food-news/3807/th...).

                      Anyone been here? I'll be back to check it out.

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                        Ah yeah, I saw this place under construction the other day. I'd like to know what those dishes are. I ate the sashimi-donburi lunch special at Kirakuya next door on that day and it hit the spot. Would like to have other hwe/sashimi options.