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Aug 28, 2012 02:00 PM

recs for Breakfast and lunch near Marriott-Bay St

Hi Gang,

I have family coming in for TIFF next week Fri-Mon. Any recs for the first two meals of the day near by?

We are staying at the Drake. We are all set for dinners. They will eat anything including ethnic except for sushi.


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  1. I am confused, you said "near Marriott/Bay Street" but then said you were staying at the Drake? Do you mean you are looking for a place near Marriot/Bay (maybe where your parents are staying?) ..

    Anyway, the Drake and The Gladstone have pretty good breakfast in your area... So many options for weekend brunch around the city. If you are planning a bunch of TIFF films, might be worthwhile to try restaurants close by the film venues. I haven't had a lot of brunch in the city but Beast has been one of my favs so far.

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      Sorry I meant they are staying at the Marriott/Bay street. I need recs for them. We are staying at The Drake and are all set.

      Sorry about the confusion, rushed the post before I went out tonight.


    2. I live in Ottawa and visit Toronto once a year. I usually stay at the Eaton Centre Marriott while in town and I have a couple of favourite breakfast places in the area.

      One place I could recommend is The Senator which is a five minute or so walk from the hotel. They do standard egg and bacon breakfasts and bottomless cups of coffee. They are located on Victoria Street just east of Yonge and Dundas Square. More info is on their website:

      Another favourite is Over Easy. They have multiple locations around Toronto but the closest one to the hotel would be on Yonge near Wellington maybe a ten minute walk or so from the hotel. They also do the standard egg and bacon breakfast but the standout for me was the home fries - nicely seasoned and nice and crisp. More info is on their website here:

      The closest spot for breakfast would be Panera on Yonge at Elm maybe a two minute walk from the hotel. They only make breakfast sandwiches IIRC but I enjoyed the one I ordered on my last visit to TO last July. More info is on their website here:

      There is always Fran's Diner on College Street just off Yonge. I have only had breakfast there (not lunch or dinner) and their breakfast is okay. More info is on their website here:

      There is also The Gabardine on Bay just south of Richmond and Bannock has an express counter that serves breakfast sandwiches. I haven't been to either place yet but they've been getting good reviews on Chow. I should also mention that The Gabardine is only open from Monday to Friday and are not open on the weekend. More info on Bannock is here: And more info on The Gabardine is here:

      All of the restos I recommended also serve lunch.

      As for lunch options the only place I am familiar with is the Trinity Square Café. They are located in the basement of a church between the hotel and the Eaton Centre. They make delicious home made lunches and the prices are quite reasonable. They are open from Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 2:30. More info is on their website:

      I know there is a TIFF Lightbox on King Street and I believe there is an O&B Canteen in the area. If memory serves me right I "think" TIFF Lightbox makes grab and go lunches for the festival goers. (If anyone is familiar with these restos feel free to correct me-;


      When I travel to Toronto I usually order a big breakfast then dinner around 7:00ish stopping for a snack somewhere around mid-day so I am not as familiar with the lunch spots. But if I can think of anywhere else I will keep you posted.

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      1. re: ottawaoperadiva

        Thanks O, I will look into the links you posted.


      2. The Queen and Beaver on Elm is good for lunch as is the Mercatto right in the Eaton's centre. I would say if you want a quick bite for breakfast that either Bannock at Queen and Bay or The Gabardine at Bay and Richmond would be good bets - both also offer lunch.

        All of these places will likely require reservations for lunch or in the case of the Gabardine you need to arrive by 1130 or after 1 p.m. to get a table right away.

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          Thanks J, especially the tip about the reservations since I'm sure it will be even busier then normal due to TIFF.