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Aug 28, 2012 01:08 PM

fancy takeout/picnic place?

I'm taking my hubby to Fenway for his birthday in a few weeks, and want to provide more than a hotdog and crackerjacks for the occasion. . . can anyone recommend a place to get really nice picnic-y food? Cold salads or special sandwiches or something like that? Thanks!

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  1. DeLuca's Market/Deli on Newbury Street?

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    1. re: Science Chick

      You're joking, right? Unless they've changed dramatically since they got closed down two years ago for selling smoke-damaged goods from the Charles Street shop, they do NOT have anything remotely appropriate for a festive picnic.

      I worked around the corner from the Newbury Street shop for nearly 15 years, and learned quickly to be scrupulous about checking expiration dates, because they constantly had long-expired or spoiled goods for sale.

      1. re: Allstonian

        I had no idea.......just suggesting a close place to get sandwiches! My goodness, that sounds frightening! Can't think of anything remotely close to Fenway...L'Aroma might be decent, but way down close to the Public Gardens...

        1. re: Science Chick

          cutty's in brookline village isn't far particularly if you are driving - across the street is family where you can pick up a good horataki salad and some great greek deserts if you like.

        2. re: Allstonian

          The Deluca's on Charles was just as bad -- I wouldn't buy anything but mustard, salt, vinegar, etc. there. Never something fresh or that depended on refrigeration.
          I haven't done it myself but wonder if you could get takeout from Sweet Cheeks -- it's super tasty and just around the corner, and I think they must offer food to go?

      2. Flour in the South End has delicious sandwiches and baked goinclude well as good breads. If your looking for things like fried chicken, Whole Foods very often has good picnic fried chicken. I would call them first to make sure they have it. Unfortunately, their desserts look better than they taste. Formaggio in the South End (and Cambridge)has wonderful cheeses. I haven't tried Savenor's sandwiches yet but have heard they're really good. It's on Charles St at the end near MA General Hospital.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions! It doesn't have to be near Fenway, I can pick stuff up during the day and bring it home. Love Flour, any other ideas?

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            Then I'd suggest Formaggio in the South End or Cambridge, or Bacco in Back Bay -- at Bacco I am thinking specifically of the jamon/sheep's milk cheese/fig syrup sandwiches.

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              or see gabatta's post about Savenor's sandwiches.

            2. Sofra in Watertown.
              Packed well for picnic's too.

              1. Dave's in Davis Square for sandwiches and more or Dominic's in Waltham for sandwiches as well. Probably the 2 best spots in boston and maybe formaggio kitchen or Russo's for any additional sides, melons etc