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personal gourmet cooking class for 6 in L.A.

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I need a recommendation of a chef who can come into my home and teach 6 of us how to make a gourmet meal for a 65th birthday present to my husband. Or we need to go to a nice location in the WLA, San Fernando Valley, Pasadena or Downtown area. Need someone and somewhere for a Sat. in mid Oct.

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  1. We did a party for my dad at Chef's Inc. in West LA. It was great.


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      Thanks. Did you decide on the menu? Was the chef patient and who was your chef?

    2. Not sure if they will do it at your home, but I have taken 3 classes so far at Cook In LA. They are in the valley. I have had 3 different chefs and have enjoyed each one. Give them a call... one of the chefs teaches at the Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena (she taught the bread making class), another one (Thai cooking) teaches at another school and one of the helpers just graduated from LCB. If they cannot do it themselves, they may have referrals.


      1. i think hip cooks does private classes. they have at least two locations.