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Aug 28, 2012 12:54 PM

One delicious night in Austin

My husband and i are heading to Austin for a night to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We were married in Austin and it's one of our favorite cities. We will have a breakfast, lunch and dinner there and I am looking for suggestions. Sadly we have started planning late, (we are going this weekend) and a couple of restaurants that I have checked are already booked. Any suggestions for some good last minute food? Happy with whole in the wall to high end, though we aren't looking to break the bank on all 3 meals. We enjoy all cuisines and interesting foodie combinations though I wouldn't mind a great filet either.

Any suggestions are appreciated - thanks!


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  1. Have an early dinner at Uchi, get there promptly at 5pm and request to sit at the sushi bar - best seats and better service. You'll be seated almost immediately and you'll get the great Sake Social specialties - Hama Chili, Machi Cure, Bacon Steakie, Walu Walu. Ask your sushi chef about the best current specials and definitely save room for dessert, they have some of the best in town.

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      This weekend... aka the first home football game of the year plus the weekend with all the students back in classes...
      I'd probably avoid alot of places that are very 'Austin' because there will be ALOT of students out with their parents to experience them (think Kerbey, Magnolia, etc).

      If you don't mind the drive, I'd check out Noble Pig for a lunch and then check the facebook feed/twitter feed for Cow Tipping Creamery and see if they are serving (they are up in the same area and are getting raves for their fresh from scratch soft serve ice cream).
      Uchi is good, Foreign and Domestic (get there right when they open), Second Bar + Kitchen, Parkside are all great dinner places. For breakfast, I'd probably suggest something a bit more different. The downtown farmer's market open up right at 9am. I'd be down there when it opens (or shortly after) and graze across the market... Dai Due is amazing and sells hot food until its gone... they have french toast, chorizo and egg tacos as some of their specials this week; Cake and Spoon will have fresh Chelesa buns and Scones (usually at least 2 types); there are coffee sellers; there is often a place that sells breakfast pizzas that always sells out; the Czech trailer will have some time of kolache; and probably several others that I'm blanking on at the moment(i.e. fresh Thai food, Mediterranean)... Its open on Saturdays from 9am-1pm but I have been there as early as 10-10:30 and some of the more popular ready to serve foods have sold out though it really depends on the week.

      One of the places I've been itching to try lately is Roll On Sushi... its been open about a year now and somehow it missed my radar... it has some crazy combinations that I really want to try (chicken fried steak sushi, yes please...)... I had a great meal at Asiana recently... the location leaves alot to be desired, but the Indian food is really very very good and reasonably priced.

      The food trailers are always fun, most of them open around 6-9pm at night... .at least the ones that work downtown.