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Aug 28, 2012 12:40 PM

Looking for a great restaurant with private space for 20-35 people - sophisticated but not stuffy

I'm looking for a restaurant in lower Westchester with a private dining space to accommodate a party for between 20-35 adults, and possibly about 6 well-behaved kids on a Saturday evening. I'd like it to be sophisticated, but not too formal or serious. I thought about the private room at Bar Taco in Port Chester. This option seemed kind of perfect because it's a sophisticated but fun atmosphere, but they require a minimum room charge which was kind of steep. I may end up going with them anyway, but wanted to see if there are other options that will end up less expensive. I'm hoping to keep it at $50 per person. I also looked at Rye Grill and Bar, but they aren't available on the date I'm looking for. Thanks!

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  1. Did you try Tarry Lodge? I know they have several dining levels and they may be able to accommodate you.

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      Thanks, wincountrygirl. I did look at their website, but their prices seemed steep to me too. Their minimums for the size space I'd need are between $2,000-$3500 and the menu is $80 per person plus $10 non-alcoholic drink package or $20 wine and beer package. Maybe I'm naive, but that seems steep to me. I may just have to bite the bullet, but I'm hoping for something in the $50-$60 per person range without such a steep minimum.

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        I just looked at the Tarry Lodge again and it turns out they won't reserve private rooms on the weekends, and I was looking for a Saturday night.

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            Try the room at Morgan's in Rye. Better room then RBG.

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        1. or try the private room at whitby castle. may have a minimum also but worth a try. get the lobster pot pie if they have it as a special.

          1. If you're willing to go a bit north (but very convenient to both the Saw Mill and Taconic), try Jean-Jacques in Pleasantville. They have a lovely private room that would be perfect for your party size, and I'm sure you could stay in your budget.


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              that reminds me! try north or moderne barn also. budget may be tight but you never know. does it have to be fully private? could you be the largest table in a dining area with other tables? that may help money-wise.

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                Just did The Husbands 40th birthday at North. An amazing night but for that many ppl, you have to take the upstairs and its a 3500 minimum.

            2. My children recently gave me a birthday party at Sam's of Gedney Way in White Plains. We had an alcove off the main dining room, and our group included 4 kids of 12 and under who enjoyed the semi-public setting. The food was very tasty and in very ample quantities--a very pleasant evening.

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                So someone is looking for a private party at a place that is sophisticated and not stuffy. Alba’s in Port Chester fits that description. If you add to that the best Italian food tastes and cooking perfection, it all comes together at Alba’s. They have a special room for parties adjoining the main dining room which is separated by glass doors. I’m not sure how much sophistication blends with fun but Alba’s leans a bit more toward the sophistication part.

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                  Otisman that's another decent place! Sam's also has a larger tented in area that may work and the budget should fit well there. never much liked the food at alba's but that was pre-renovations. mybe the chef changed. I have heard great things about the food at t & j though

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                    Cubanat: I would like to draw your attention to all the raves about Albas’s by asking you to open up a recent Open Table discussion on that restaurant. There’s nothing but adulation for their excellence.

                    So you say “never much liked the food at Alba's but that was pre-renovations.” Renovations were years ago. This restaurant is a class of Westchester. I never was there before renovations. I happened upon it by accident and realized that it was the ultimate blend of sophistication and casualness with consistently and superbly prepared Italian food, with great service, all in a beautiful environment. I’m not one to blow a horn for a restaurant in Westchester but if we could only have a few more with a total package like this, I would be thrilled. Check my reviews. I’m not reluctant to criticize a star locally but after three years I have had nothing but consistent excellence at Alba’s, especially with fish where it really excels.

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                      I'm not a fan of open table either actually. I'm glad you found albas and love it though. Have you been to Trevi or Polpo? How would you compare them all to Alba's?

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                        Thanks for the suggestions Cubanat. I haven’t tried Trevi or Popolo. Am I doing them an injustice? I’ve been turned off somewhat by reviews in a number of web dining sites. The beauty of Chowhound, and other diners’ reviews is that after weeding out the malcontents’ negative reviews and the chef’s relatives’ positive ones, you develop a reasonable insight into what to expect from a particular restaurant. It’s not foolproof and I’ve made errors. However, I stayed away from Polpo because reviewers either loved or hated it to a point where it didn’t seem worth the risk. Reviews of Trevi have been less aggressive but enough split between likes and dislikes that I never got interested.

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                          How about Polpettina, The Cookery, Zuppa or the pizzas at JT Straws?

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                            Geting better but there's a lot of pizza here.