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Aug 28, 2012 11:34 AM

Zushi Puzzle - at the bar [San Francisco]

I visited an occasional Sushi haunt of mine last night in the Marina.

I am pleased to report not much has changed, which is a good thing. Roger San is firmly at the helm, and will guide you politely and firmly according to your taste. He always asks what you will not eat first - in my case - octopus.

We had the following - don't remember the exact order but here's my best shot ...

Ankimo - really good but not as sublime as Ino

Uni from Mendocino - fantastic - ocean on your breath and palate

Live Mirugai with slivers of lemon


4 types of tuna - negi toro, chu toro, etc.

Copper River Salmon - melts in your mouth but has a bit of an after-taste

Ama Ebi (the mandatory fried heads)

Sardine (from Japan)

Kobe beef (from NY) - top seared with a blow torch

Salmon Roe - a spoonful of heaven essentially

Dessert was a dollop of Wasabi ice cream on a bed of berry sorbet - outlandishly good.

Lots of bottles of Echigo Stout, Asahi Kuronama straight from Japan, and the customary couple of bottles of Asahi made in Canada. Also had a small bottle of Junmai Ginjo.

When we left at 10 pm, the place was completely full and had a long waiting list. Highly recommend an evening at the sushi bar.


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  1. Nice report, osho! That dessert sounds special. Not to be mercenary, but can you give an idea of what you paid for the repast (sans alcohol if possible, since it sounds like you were imbibing more than we typically would, being lightweights as we are)?

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    1. re: grayelf

      My dear elf. Of course ... it was about $120 for the two of us excl. tip. IMO It was beyond reasonable.

      1. re: osho

        120 for two with drinnks ??? that's not bad at all

        1. re: kevin

          $120 was the tab for the food, as requested by grayelf above ...