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Aug 28, 2012 11:33 AM

Pick Your Own — Rhode Island, Mass, Connecticut, New York

Looking for U-Pick or Pick-Your-Own farms anywhere in Southern New England...this Labor Day we've decided to put our own farm-to-table dinner together. We're willing to REALLY make a day of the preparations, so driving a-ways to get to a great farm is worth the trip.

Personally, I prefer a farm with more variety so I can make a well-rounded meal, but bonus points for cool factor...100 varieties of tomatoes...beehives/honey...fresh eggs...some type of edible flower herb recently thought to have been know the drill.

Hopefully I'm not duplicating a thread that has already been discussed, I searched and came up empty. My hope is this can be one of those mega-thread databases of Chow knowledge. But, if one already exists, thanks for your patience and posting the link!

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  1. Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT. Centrally located and not far from major highways

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      I've been going to Lyman's since my Kindergarten field trip, and used to do my grocery shopping there when I lived in Durham. I believe it's billed as the oldest, continuously operated family farm in CT.

      However, they have limited pick your own, right now I thinknthey have 3 kinds of fruit available to pick. The bakery is great, I would question if all the produce came from their property.
      Be aware it is a major touristy thing, especially on a holiday weekend. Go early if you can.

    2. In my neck of the woods just off of Route 2 around Glastonbury, Connecticut there are a couple of options:

      Dondero Orchards:

      Belltown Orchards:

      Rose's Berry Farm (more limited selection):

      1. Thanks for the suggestions! I wanted to throw two Rhode Island spots that I've been to a couple times, Schartner Farms and Sweet Berry Farms. Both have solid markets and enough pick your own to keep you busy for an hour or two. I wouldn't say either are particularly remarkable, but both are good for a stop-by.

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