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Aug 28, 2012 10:39 AM

Paganini's Pizza?

Ate at the wine bar in D-Town last week. We ordered a "margarita pizza" and some wine. What came out was a basic cheese pizza, barely above frozen Totino's. By definition, IMHO, margarita means fresh, as in basil, mozzarella,maybe even tomatoes. All of that was missing. Is this their usual fare, or did I just catch them on a bad night? It's a nice location, but don't know if I would go there again...

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  1. Paganini's has been around forever and IMNSHO is awful. The folks own a wine bar across the street as well as the restaurant, and it just is not good food. They have a charming garden, that you want to be able to sit out and enjoy beautiful weather. I will never recommend folks go there. For Pizza in Doylestown, I would either go to Baked on Main in the Main Street Marketplace, or Jules Thin Crust. Villa Capri and Nat's Pizza are ok as well. But overall stay away from Paganini's.

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      Thanks, CW you nailed. I really want to sit there, but not worth it. Jules Thin Crust sounds interesting, I'll try them next time.

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        Jules has an outdoor dining area too.

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        I have had a chance to do some extensive sampling of Jule's and Baked on Main over the past week due to the extraordinary generosity of the owner of Cyborg One in Doylestown.
        Last sunday the owner treated all the card players to lots of different pizzas from Jules. John and I did some extensive taste testing! They were all tasty, the ones with meat on them seemed to pop more, I especially liked the barbecue chicken.
        Yesterday the owner treated us all again because the shop was running an especially lengthy card tourney. He ordered one of every pizza from baked on main. I liked all that I tried, but it was good that I came across the greek pizza last or I might have just eaten that. They have one called the carnivore that went over very well. As the evening wore on I ended up stockpiling some crusts to keep my energy up in case I did well. Luck was with me, and I noticed the cold leftover crusts were delicious and made for very pleasant snacking even though I wasn't particularly hungry. If that is the true test (not sure that it is) then Baked on Main wins. Jules wins on sheer creativity though.

      3. Not to pile on, but anything Paganini in Dtown is consistently awful. I have absolutely no idea how they stay in business. They obviously don't ever read about themselves here.

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          They have been around forever, so they have regulars, and they own the real estate.. familiarity may breed contempt, but if your expectations aren't too high, then you can stay around. And Doylestown is underserved per capita for restaurants to begin with.

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            Pagganinies has the best food in Doylestown all the ingredienta are fresh and the pasta is made daily. The pizza has supreme toppings with the most fresh ingredients. It is Welll worth the price for this food. The service isn't fast because all the food is made their abs takes time to bake and saute. The home maid pasta just adds to the taste of the dish

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              topup24, what other pizza or Italian have you experienced in and around Doylestown?