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Aug 28, 2012 09:42 AM

Kitchenwares and food souvenirs

New to the board so I hope there haven't been 18,000 posts on the subject but any ideas for bringing items back to the US? Small shops and/or hidden treasures? Thanks

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  1. In my haste I forgot to mention that we will be in Barcelona!!!

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      Saffron from La Ribera in Born
      Very good price and good quality.

    2. Below is an earlier thread on cookware stores in Barcelona. Nothing specific but you can browse the stores to get some ideas.
      For food: start by browsing various mercat (La Boqueria and Santa Caterina in the old quarter are convenient for visitors) and the big food emporium, Colmado Quilez on the corner of c/Arago and Rambla de Catalunya. It has a large selection and good prices. La Ribera does have great price for saffron and the nearby Gispert is fun to browse. The food department of the El Corte Ingles facing Placa de Catalunya is good for last time souvenirs.
      Most often, I bring back canned seafood. Various pastelerias have traditional Catalan cookies that are good to take back.

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        Again in the Born, not far the Ribera store and Casa Gisbert, ferreterías Targa is an awesome cookware sthop.

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          Oh I am making a list. Thanks all!

      2. Go for high quality canned goods. fish/seafood, stuffed peppers, ...

        You could go for cheese (hard-cheese), have a look at the Formatgeria la Seu (google-map it), it is owned by an english woman, but sells spanish cheeses; they don't vacuum pack, so the risk will be yours when going thru custom.