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Aug 28, 2012 09:03 AM

We had a great small group party at Petaluma Restaurant in NY.

We had a great (really great) experience at Petaluma Restaurant for our parent's 50th anniversary.

Yvette and the folks at Petaluma did a fantastic job with my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.
Prior to the event, the contract was crystal clear and without hassle. We reserved the private York room, which I recommend.
It was challenging for us to find a restaurant which has a private room that is easily accessible for seniors (i.e. no flights of stairs to get into), can accommodate our party which was relatively small (21 people), and still provide a great experience.
Their private York room was easily accessible (only 2 steps to get into) and has a nice atmosphere.

On the day of the event, they were prepared for our 22 guests way ahead of time. They were very helpful with decorating the room with various materials and balloons we brought. They even helped get the balloons blown up!!

From seeing to the food/drink needs of the guests to the volume and type of music, they were on the ball.

And then there was the food …. Delectable!!!! Go Petaluma!!

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  1. As this is your first post to Chowhound, welcome and congratulations to your parents. Do you have anything to say about the food? What did you eat?

    And also, I hope you tell us about some other restaurants you like in Manhattan. I assume you don't have parties every night. What are your usual haunts, and what do you like about them?

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      We ate and loved their calamari, Fettuccini, and Cavatelli . The tomato-based sauce that came with bread was really, really amazing. One of our guests told us the biscotti was the best he had ever had in his life. The guests all told us the food was great.

    2. and very coincidentally, Petaluma was featured on Groupon today...