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Aug 28, 2012 06:30 AM

Best pizza in the North Fork?

Currently in Aquebogue and curious what's the best place to get delicious pizza out here. Possible? Thoughts?

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  1. You are in luck. There are two places very close to your location.
    Grana in Jamesport has excellent thin crust pizza. They also have fresh pasta dishes that are outstanding.
    For more traditional pizza try Lenny's in the small strip shopping center just West of Grana on the South side. Lenny's also has a dining room for dinner. Very good entrees and generous portions.

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    1. re: Motosport

      Thanks! I was reading about Grana on these boards so am looking forward to trying it and appreciate your endorsement!

      1. re: kmesquita

        Across from Grana you can get a fabulous marinated Porterhouse steak @ The Elbow Room. Just in case you are in town for a few days.
        The North Fork has some fabulous places to eat.

        1. re: Motosport

          We are, thanks! We've been to Elbow just for lunch, but will check out for dinner.
          As an aside, we were at Alure last night and was pleasantly surprised with the quality/service.

          1. re: kmesquita

            Have not been to Alure.
            If you get out to Greenport try Bruce's Cheese Emporium for breakfast or lunch.
            There is also a new place in Greenport called Blue Canoe that is very good for lunch or dinner. It's on the harbor right near the ferry and you can sit outside.
            Jen's Main St Grill in Southold is one of our favorites for breakfast.

          2. re: Motosport

            I think that marinated porterhouse is a matter of taste. We found it to be so salty as to be practically inedible. However, we really enjoyed the pizza at Grana, and never had a problem with service, or any of the other issues that posters on this board have had.

            1. re: roxlet

              I LOVE the Elbow Room marinated steak. It can be a bit salty. I must like salty. They really know how to grill a steak. Order "Black and Blue" and you get black and blue.
              Personally I think some people going to Grana expect Manhattan Gourmet service along with the great food. Unfortunately Grana is in a small town with seasonal help. It's a nice family run operation that does their best to satisfy everyone. The last time we were there it was packed and the service was spotty but always cheerful. The fresh pasta Putanesca knocked my socks off!!

              1. re: roxlet

                You can get the steak marinaded or not, your choice. We are big Cliffs fans, used to drive out from Kings Park before we lived here just for them.

        2. My wife and I had a pizza today at Grana after our jaunt to the outlet center. We went because I saw this thread a few days ago. The pizza (meatball, mozzarella, bread crumbs) was great. I am really glad I saw this thread and not the older rant-filled one, which would have discouraged me.

          The pizza was a fine size for two for a late lunch. The crust was thin and just crisp enough, a bit charred from the woodfired oven (as it should be). The meatball slices and the cheese were top-notch, in an appropriate rather than overwhelming quantity, and the sauce was both quite good and not overabundant. The breadcrumbs were an odd idea on the menu but were an absolute joy on the pizza. Service was friendly and timely.

          We had been in Italy 3 months earlier and had many pizzas (5 actually). This one was as good as any of them and perhaps better than a few. The style was most like those in Rome. The ones we had in Naples had their usual limp (soggy?) centers, which tasted good but are not what Americans expect. I still like the New York style pizza, but I am quite glad that an Italian style pizza is available. As an aside, we tried the pizza at the Red Tomato in East Norwich which tries to be authentic Neopolitan down to imported Italian flour and soggy centers. Grana is much better.

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          1. re: therealdoctorlew

            Glad you liked it. I've eaten at Grana, and I was pleased with the pizza so the rants on previous threads surprised me. I agree with you that it's in the Roman style.

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