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Aug 28, 2012 06:15 AM

Restaurant Recommendations for First Time San Francisco Visitors

Hi everyone,
Going to San Francisco with a friend in early Sept for a week. We will be staying in the Union Square area. We are 2 women in our early 30s. Looking to get some recommendations on where to go out to eat (lunch, dinner, brunch). We are looking for a mix of places, price-wise and we have no restrictions on what type of cuisine the restaurant serves. Willing to try various neighborhoods... A few cocktail bar recommendations would also be appreciated. Got a guidebook but it is always better to get some local advice. Thanks!

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  1. There are a lot of threads on this. Some helpful recent ones:

    Remember - SF dining scene is like an olympic sport. It's somewhat casual dress code wise but reservations for restaurants are necessary unless you are going at odd hours or willing to wait an hour or two for first come first serve seating.

    Right in your area:
    Perbacco or Barbacco for Italian
    Gitane for funky/hip Middle Eastern/Mediterranean (though not quite as hip as it once was
    )Cafe Claude for French Bistro food
    AQ is somewhat a walk (and not a particularly pleasant one) but a short cab ride for innovative Cali cuisine
    Farallon for formal, good but not innovative seafood
    Canteen is a walk but not much of one (and a pretty safe easy walk). Serves California comfort food.
    Zero Zero is a little more casual Italian (more in line with Barbacco than Perbacco) it has a cocktail list unlike Barbacco. It's a bit of a walk but not a huge one.

    Clock Bar is right on Union Square - low key good drinks
    Rickhouse is a pretty easy walk. More loud and busy, extremely good drinks
    Just a bit away is the Bourbon and Branch group. Far enough and not pleasant a walk that you may want to cab it:
    Bourbon and Branch (reservations)
    Wilson and Wilson (reservations)
    Local Edition - you can just walk in

    1. All good suggestions by goldangl95 and most I would recommend myself.

      For Brunch:
      Brenda's French Soul Food (expect a 40min wait, but it's good stuff!)
      Prospect (good for dinner too)
      The Butler and the Chef (their croque madame/monsieur is insanely good!)