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Aug 28, 2012 04:35 AM

Vegan in Disney

Help with eating in Disney. We took my sons and girlfriends to Disney last year and I did not think the options were acceptable. My sons girlfriend is vegan and I was concerned for her.
We are going back in a few months and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I did let them know when I made the reservation but when we got there the message was not given to the chef.
Thank you, Diane

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  1. We went a few years ago and had an outstanding vegan experience dining at BOMA in Animal Kingdom. I was told to tell the waiter we were vegan. He went out of his way to identify many items on the buffet that were vegan and told us the chef would bring us a 'surprise." The buffet itself was lovely and mid-way through our second course the chef brought out a beautiful vegan plate. Not only great food, but he went the extra step to make it a true piece of art. Make sure to make reservations and tell your waiter there is a vegan at the table. The special service was remarkable. I was also told to arrive a few hours early to walk around the grounds at Animal Kingdom.

    I will try to hunt down a website that outlines the vegan and vegetarian options at Disney including links to current menus.

    1. We ate at the Moroccan restaurant in Epcot, and I think there were some (seemingly) vegan options. Also ate at Citricos at the Grand Floridian and they were very accommodating. I had put a note in with our reservation saying that I don't eat red meat and the chef came to the table and discussed the different options and what he could do to make sure I was happy with my meal (and I was, very much so). I'd look into both. The Moroccan place wasn't fantastic, but it was fun, and good enough. Citricos was great.

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        Thank you so much for the info. I am starting to panic and it's almost a year away.

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        1. The Disney parks publish a list of dining options for people with restrictions. We are vegan and had no problem at either Disneyland or California Adventure.

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            Damn, I wish I had known this. I ended up eating fries and a coke, and I had a bad reaction to the fries, so there was clearly some animal contamination going on there.

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              Fries are often not vegan, either because meat is deemed to add flavor (McDonalds is one place which does this) or because the fry oil is used for other things. That's why it's always best to ask (and hope the staff knows what they're talking about).

              1. re: JanetG

                I don't think I'd say often.

                Also, meat isn't added to fries - McDonalds did used to add some beef fat to the frying mixture.

                I think it's much more likely that a restaurant is only using vegetable oil for deep frying, for a variety of reasons. It's much more practical and cost-effective than buying animal fat.

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                  And most of the time you can taste that meaty flavor *right away* if you're a vegetarian or vegan. I'm not one, although I used to be and still shy away from red meat, and even I can tell.

              2. re: choctastic

                Disney does not fry anything else in their fry fryers - they are dedicated for allergies. They wouldn't have meat in there.