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L'Antre Amis

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A silver lining to August closures is that I have had to delve deeper than the familiar for a table. So we finally visited JT's highly regarded L'Antre Amis. Sweet welcome, given our choice of tables, inside or out. The menu has been refined to just two choices per course, 3 courses for 32€.

We both went with the excellent Label Rouge salmon confit with goat cheese cream and green apple sorbet. DH continued with a classic pork chop, thick and rosy, with "how can this be a cliche when it's so delicious" buttery potato puree. I went with cod which was sauced with a fond of meaty girolles and tiny new red onions that would have charmed an avowed fish-hater. Dessert (poached peche de vigne with bitter chocolate ice cream) faltered, but maybe because we aren't dessert people. We drank a fine Daumas Gassac sauvignon.

Three courses, 2 glasses of wine, 1 bottle of Chateldon = 81€. Thanks, John. We'll be back.

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  1. An encouraging report; might I ask if you were there for lunch or dinner?

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