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Aug 27, 2012 11:15 PM

Melbourne GFG ratings are out

GFG is out. No huge surprises - Comme, The Point and Florentino lose a hat but that's about it. Handful of good new restaurants, mainly in the CIty, hit the one hat status. Plenty of one hats that make you think "if xxxx got a hat, why didn't yyyy".

Three hats
Attica, Jacques Reymond, Vue de Monde, Royal Mail Hotel.

Two hats
Cafe Di Stasio, Cutler & Co, Ezard, Flower Drum, Matteo's, MoVida, The Press Club, Rockpool Bar & Grill, Stokehouse, Lake House, Loam, Provenance, Stefano's, Tea Rooms of Yarck, Ten Minutes by Tractor.

One hat
Albert St Food & Wine, Bacash, Becco, Bistro Guillaume, Bistro Vue, Cecconi's Cantina, Church St Enoteca, Circa, Coda, Cumulus Inc, Dandelion, Donovans, Easy Tiger, Embrasse, Estelle Bar & Kitchen, European, Gills Diner, Golden Fields, The Grand, Grossi Florentino, Il Bacaro, The Italian, Kenzan, Koots Salle a Manger, Longrain, Maha, Mercer's, Moon Under Water, MoVida Aqui, Paladarr, Pei Modern, PM24, The Point Albert Park, Sarti, Shoya, Spice Temple, Steer Bar & Grill, Tempura Hajime, Town Hall Hotel, Yu-U, A la Grecque, Annie Smithers' Bistrot, Bella Vedere, Chris's Restaurant, Eleonore's, Gladioli, La Petanque, The Long Table, Montalto, Neilsons, The River Grill, Scorched, Sunnybrae, Teller, Terminus at Flinders Hotel, Villa Gusto

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  1. I ate at a lot of the 2 Hat places last year. The best meal I had out of those listed is 10xTractor.

    I had good meals at Matteo's, Ezard, Press Club, Cutler & Co .. The only thing that seems to lift them out of the 1 Hat is the price, ambiance and the fit out?!?

    Tea Rooms is great but 2 hats?!

    My personal view is Embrasse is superior to Matteo's, Ezard and Press!

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    1. re: kersizm

      It's always subjective. 10xT was one of the movers from one to two. Lake House, Loam, Cutler and Provenance are the top twos to me. Agree about Yarck - if Da Noi didn't get any, how come they get two... Thought Cutler might jump to three this year but maybe you need a quieter dining room.

      Surprised at Easy Tiger, I always thought it was another Smith Street overpriced hipster Asian hangout.

      I'd happily hang out at most of the one hats.

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        Need to get to Loam and Provenance.

        I'm kinda surprised the McConnell's new Builders Arms Bistro didn't get one hat? It's definitely on par with Cumulus.

        1. re: kersizm

          Loam is my most enjoyable Victorian restaurant and Provenance is mrs_g's.

          I don't know what happened to Builders - Moon Under Water wasn't rated as it was too new (but got on the hot list) so maybe the Bistro was as well?

          Have you been to Casa Ciuccio, I know you like Lourinha

          1. re: mr_gimlet

            Been there a number of times and I really like it.. however on a night when Andrew McConnell wasn't in the kitchen the cooking wasn't up to standard. It is a lot like Bar Lourinha but the fire pit gives them more options.