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Aug 27, 2012 10:52 PM

Your suggestions for Falmouth/mv

Hello fellow chowhounds-

Hope everyone is doing well. We are going to cape cod (Falmouth area) for labor day weekend. It is our first time and we are totally exited. We would love to get the full new England seafood experience in cape cod/Martha's vineyard (lobsters, lobster rolls, clam bakes, BBQ, oysters etc.).

Any locals/cape cod veterans care to share their expertise? Reasonable prices would be great. We are more into great food with relaxed atmosphere and not so much into fine dining.

Thanks all and enjoy the upcoming long weekend!

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  1. Labor Day is a very busy time on the Cape, even more insane on the Vineyard. The restaurants will be slammed. Check past posts on this board for Falmoutharea and Oak Bluffs/Edgartown on the Vineyard.

    1. If you are there Friday night, there is a church in Vineyard Haven(I beleive) that sells 'Lobster Rolls for Jesus'. That's all I can offer as I never got off the boat we docked there. $15 or so a couple years ago.

      1. If you are looking for very casual and laid back, The Clam Shack on Falmouth Harbor is just that. You order at the counter and bring your food back to a picnic table overlooking the harbor. No frills, just honest fried clams, fish, and chowder. If you go, they don't accept cards so remember to bring cash. There also is no beer or wine served so if you are looking for that, I *think* you can BYOB. If you are looking for sit down service, The Flying Bridge is just down the road and also overlooks the marina. The view is great, as is the outdoor seating, the food can be hit or miss and can be a little pricey. I had the seared tuna sandwich a couple weeks ago and it was really good and my friends enjoyed each of their meals. I'm sure some posters will blast me, but I actually enjoy the Clam bucket dinner offered by The Black Dog Tavern, just a ferry ride away in Vineyard Haven. They stuff a bucket full of two lobsters, quahogs, steamers, corn, and's definitely not cheap but I thought it was fun and good and the view and atmosphere is great. As the poster above mentioned, everywhere in Falmouth will be jamming this weekend so just plan accordingly.

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          1. re: Jcs_eats

            I do not recommend the Flying Bridge. Both times I went there the food was terrible and service very poor. Check some previous boards for recommendations, particularly Cape Cod Guys's choices.

        1. Just got back from a week in Falmouth. Some old rec's still held up: Clam Shack (second the prev rec); Osteria La Civetta is great Italian food on par with best in Boston's North End; Bean and Cod Gourmet Shop for picnic / ferry supplies; Anejo for good Mexican in Falmouth; Raw Bar in Mashpee for the Lobster Roll.

          I've lowered Ben and Bills for ice cream on my list - it just wasn't that much better than other places this year.

          New on the list - I can't recommend Quick's Hole in Woods Hole enough. That place is awesome. Fresh, tasty ingredients served in basic tacos, salads and burritos. I went three times in a week.

          I meant to try it, but didn't end up there... What's the word on Pop Kitchen that went into the old Laureen's spot? I wasn't sad to see the previous burrito place go - I cancelled my order and walked out last year when I saw how dirty the seating area was. Scary sign.

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          1. re: Foodie_BBQ

            Nice recs!!! All spot on (except I'm really not a fan of the Raw Bar or it's lobster roll. I know it HUGE and all for $25, but I can't get past the frozen canned Canadian lobster meat.

            Anyone tried the Glass Onion in Falmouth? I've heard good things but haven't had a chance myself. L'Osteria la Civetta is the gold standard for TRUE Italian fare on the Cape and absolutely rivals anything that can be had in Boston. Love, love, love it.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              CCG - Raw Bar uses frozen lobster? Is that confirmed? Tasted fresh to me. I watched the bartender make the roll and saw the vat that it came from, but no indication that it lower quality meat. Where would you recommend for better on that end of the cape?

              Forgot to mention the Coonamessett Farm Jamaican BBQ (Wed dinner only). So much fun for the family. Food was tasty and dishes featured interesting flavors. Some food was obviously from frozen bags. Carrots with ridges anyone? Most was very good. If you have the people to do so, split up and load up a plate with salad, a plate with hot sides, and a plate with meats. Otherwise, you'll be in line all night.

              1. re: Foodie_BBQ

                Foodie, I'll admit it's been a few years since I've been to the Raw Bar in Mashpee but I can attest to seeing the open huge #10 cans of frozen meat being thrown into the dumpster. A tell tale sign to me is the amount of shredded lobster one gets in the roll. Perhaps they've changed their ways for the better. At $25 per, they should.
                I wish I had a rec for you on the upper Cape, but I'm generally a Mid Cape guy and rarely order lobster rolls out as they are so easy to make at home and so much better/fresher/properly cooked. I've been pigging out on lobster/lobster/lobster all summer since Market Basket opened at the Sagamore bridge and has been selling chix for $3.99/lb. all summer. That said, when at Sesuit Cafe in E. Dennis, try the lobster roll. Best I've had in a restaurant besides Friendly Fisherman in Eastham.

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  Okay, it's one year later....but I had this post in mind when we were in Mashpee visiting family this past weekend. Everyone recommended the "huge" lobster roll at the Raw Bar and all I could think of was, "but CCG says.....". We should have listened. It is a huge lobster roll, but the amount of shredded, unrecognizable lobster meat was a turn off. There were 5 or 6 claws thrown in for good measure, but they were sort of dry and tasteless.
                  We also got some littlenecks, oysters and cherrystones at a whopping $2.50 each.
                  Felt like an idiot for doing that when we were at Mac's in Wellfleet the next day and got 1 doz. littlenecks and cherrystones for $11.99!!

                  On the way off the Cape yesterday we stopped at Friendly Fisherman and got an excellent lobster roll. $18, all chunks of identifiable lobster, full of flavor. No contest.
                  Even the lobster roll at Moby Dick's was better than the Raw Bar. Next time, I will go with my instincts (and your advice)!!

                  1. re: saintp

                    Sorry to hear it's still the same crummy mound of frozen meat. I cringe every time I read or hear someone explain, 'It's the BEST lobster roll on the Cape! Even the Phantom Gourmet says so!". A perfect example of "more" not being "better".

                    It irks me also when I see raw bar prices of $2-$3 for littlenecks and cherry stones. I pick up my littlenecks at Chatham Fish and Lobster at Ring Bros. in Dennis for 26 cents each so a buck each shucked and served seems about right!

                    Thanks for the update on FF. Been a while since we've eaten there.

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      Yeah, it seemed like the Raw Bar was all style over substance. It fit in with the entire area.

              2. re: CapeCodGuy

                CCG, we went to the Glass Onion for our anniversary dinner earlier this summer and it was excellent! I have to say that service started off just a tad took awhile to receive our drink orders and for the waitress to come back to take our orders, but otherwise, spot on. The decor is gorgeous...bright with all the windows, yet the colors and moulding inside gave it an old beach home type of feel. We had the duck confit appetizer and it was amazing. Rich buttery duck with a tart cherry sauce served on buttered toast. I almost licked the plate. I got the sirloin with swiss chard and potatoes. My steak was cooked perfectly and sized well. My DH got the veal sirloin and was very pleased. Even though we were stuffed, we split the lavender cheesecake, which was divine. We enjoyed everything thorough. The prices are not for the faint of heart, but for a special night out, it was well worth it. I do not mind paying more if I leave satisfied. It got very busy in there but there is plenty of room on the screened porch to enjoy a glass of wine while waiting for a table.

                1. re: dordalina

                  thanks everyone for these recs, we had a great time -

                  * clam shack was solid food (clam bellies very good) - but also overpriced ($8 for fries). i guess somewhat expected.
                  * quick's hole was the best. lobster taco was excellent - the best thing we ate on the trip!