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Smoked mullet

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Wy back when (40years) when my family traveled to Florida we would stop at the Mullet Inn near the airport. It has been gone a long time. Is there ny place lse you can get smoked mullet in the Tampa St Pete rea?

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  1. http://www.tedpetersfish.com/

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    2. The Mullet Inn, I remember it fondly. Yup, Ted Peters in St Pete is the only place I know of today

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        Thanks. That is great!

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          Mullet Inn was our Saturday lunch for decades. I think their fish was moister than Ted Peters.

        2. You can also get smoked mullet at Mid-Peninsula Seafood in St. Pete. Plus other types of seafood while you are there also.

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            MPS is the only place I know of for cracked conch.

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              Good point.

          2. Skippers Smokehouse on Nebraska and Skipper, and Fish House in Ruskin.