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Aug 27, 2012 09:17 PM

Local Source for Churned Seashore Honey

Hi - I've been trying to chase down this seashore honey after seeing it on a US-based website that won't ship to Canada. It looks SO amazing, I read the description and saw the picture and was captivated.

After a few hours trying to source it in Canada (it's a Canadian product!) I tracked it down, it's available at Stasis Preserves on Roncesvalles. There were a number of comments on the quitokeeto blog about Torontonians looking for the product so I thought I would share the fruits of my labour.

Does anyone know of a local Toronto source to find the large 1 kilo jars of the spring honey - looks like bottled sunshine:

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  1. Loblaw has a very white churned alfalfa honey in the larger stores. It is not Gaspe, but comes from the Peace River, and (last year) it was 375g for $6.99

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      Thanks Jayt90! I'll check this out and see how it is. I'm so curious.