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Aug 27, 2012 09:12 PM

Goood Frickin Chicken [San Francisco] - La Lengua Chronicles Part 17

Date Dined: 7/27/12

Ate here with a large group, and even though this restaurant is technically on 29th Street, I'm still including it in the Chronicles, since the restaurant faces Mission. We tried lots of things on the menu, though nobody had chicken!

Dinner plates come with salad and sides...and the salads were fresh, green, and topped with a dressing made with sumac. Different and good. The vegetarian platter is a good deal, with various dips and spreads—I thought the baba ganoush was particularly good. Hummus is extra smooth—some of my dining companions liked it more than I did. Labneh (which we ordered separately, as it's not on the veggie platter) was very good as well.

I had a lamb shwarema a la carte, which was good. I feel like it's a bit simpler than nearby Old Jerusalem, and didn't have the same amount of pickles which I like, but was certainly worth a try. I think it would be good to do a side-by-side taste test. Same with the falafel, which I didn't try at GFC but looked good on other people's plates.

GFC is not fancy, and has a pretty straighforward menu, but they seem to do it very well. I'd definitely return

Goood Frickin Chicken
Address: #10 29th Street @ Mission

La Lengua Chronicles:
Dave MP

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  1. Thanks for the report. I think you found the best of GFC. Their eat in menu is much more interesting than the take out food, and the service is warm and friendly. I would add that it is a very kid friendly dining room too.

    1. funny you didn't try the chicken! i was underwhelmed at it. did you already try Inka's, across the street, on Mission? I have to say, Inka's chicken is much better than GFC's, and i would say even better than most rotisserie chicken i've had in the City.

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          Thanks wolfe! I meant to link to that earlier but then something else came up.

          I wasn't thrilled with Inka's (though I did think the chicken was the best part), so it'd be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison of the chickens from these two places.

          1. re: Dave MP

            No comparison, IMO. In fact GFC's "chickens" are so small they are probably squab. Okay, that is an exaggeration...sort of.

          2. re: wolfe

            ah, thanks Wolfe! I see i missed that the first time.