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Breakfast in Roseville

We're looking for a nice local restaurant in the Roseville area to take an out-of-town guest for breakfast. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank y'all very much.

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  1. Keys, very casual, great breakfast

    1. I'd venture into St. Paul (just across the border) for the Colossal Cafe or go just a bit further (across the river) for an awesome breakfast at Birchwood Cafe. Keys is fine, and I like the Lexington & Larpenteur location best, but the others have better food. Keys has monster portions, though.

      1. Pippins does a wonderful job (651) 639-0633. 2905 Snelling Ave N ). They have home made rolls and allot of great choices. Its in little canada but also http://tasteofscandinavia.com has a cafe in little canada2900 Rice StreetLittle Canada, MN 55113(651) 482-8876). You order at the counter and they bring the food to you. Both are awesome choices

        1. Another vote for Colossal, if you don't mind ordering at the counter. Keys is always reliable. I would look at The Good Earth if they like a healthier breakfast...it is such a nice, peaceful vibe in there.

          1. Roseville is such a wasteland of chain restaurants which is disappointing because I live near it.I would just go to the Egg and I on University ave @ 280,or bight the bullet and head to Grand Ave or Highland Park.I know its no fun going through all the stoplights south of the fair area to get over to Grand ave or Highland Pk,but thats what I would do.I stopped going to keys over 5 yrs ago.Dont waste your time there.If you insist on Roseville,go to Byerly's.

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              the challah french toast at Byerlys is pretty good.

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                Byerly's is solid but oh, so dull...and if you are 60, you will be the youngest one in the place.

              2. Y'all are the best. I truly appreciate it!

                1. Good Earth. North of 36, west of Fairview. Near Rosedale.

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                    Good Earth has my favorite pancakes of all time - ten grain with rainforest mix, real butter, real maple syrup. I'd been out of the area for over ten years, and recently was able to have a couple meals at the Edina location. The pancakes were as good as ever, and no complaints on the fish dinner I had, either (trout?). The Veg. Joe's Eggs was another breakfast favorite of mine.

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                      Yeah, good suggestion. They have nice omelets.

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                        Also, the freshly-extracted juices are a great addition.

                    2. Second the poster who suggested the Colossal Cafe. I also like the Good Earth.