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Aug 27, 2012 07:10 PM

Feedback on Hong Kong Itinerary

My new husband and I will be spending part of our honeymoon in Hong Kong, and after reviewing countless blogs and Chowhound posts, we have narrowed down our choices. We would appreciate fellow hounds' advice. We live in an area of the US that lacks good Asian food, but we are both of Asian descent and know our way around most Asian cuisines. We want to focus on eating Chinese food. We are staying at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, and we will be taking most breakfasts at the hotel as our rate includes free breakfast. We are willing to travel for good food if worth the extra time, money, and effort, but we will not have a car. The sky is the limit on the budget. Other legs of our trip include Singapore (separate post) and the Maldives.

Tuesday, Nov. 27 (arriving on an international flight at noon)
Afternoon Tea: Clipper Lounge, Mandarin Oriental
Dinner: Tim’s Kitchen (Which dishes should we pre-order?)

Wednesday, Nov. 28
Breakfast/lunch: We have a 5 hour tour booked with Little Adventures in Hong Kong, mostly trying noodles and other street food.
Dinner: Under Bridge Spicy Crab
After-dinner drinks: MO Bar or someplace else?

Thursday, Nov. 29
Lunch: Lung Hing Keen dim sum
Afternoon spent shopping in Central, then take Star Ferry to Kowloon
Pre-dinner drinks: Ozone Bar, Ritz-Carlton
Dinner: Spring Deer
Late night snacks: Temple Street Night Market

Friday, Nov. 30
Morning sightseeing and hiking on Victoria Peak
Lunch: Joy Hing and Chiu Yuen Chiu Chow Noodle
Snack: Kam Fung egg tarts
Dinner: Yardbird (making an exception to the Chinese food rule as we love izakaya dining)
After dinner drinks: Any recommendations for a good bar near Yardbird or a Tsui Wah branch?
Late night snack: Tsui Wah

Saturday, Dec. 1
Lunch: Kau Kee and Sing Hueng Yuen
Dinner: Tsim Chai Kee

Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. LKH doesn't serve dim sum on weekdays.

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    1. re: Uncle Yabai

      LKH serves dim sum every day - or at least their website says they do. Note Clipper Lounge is I the other MO hotel - not far though. MO bar is good for early evening drinks better to head to Wyndam St or up to The Staunton St / Bridges St area - a lot more lively and goes from dives to classy. Yardbird is the best bar near Yarbird, but the area is pretty dynamic with others opening around the area.

      1. re: PhilD

        This looks recent, they didn't use to serve it. On the other hand, the selection is only 10 items, while the weekend menu has over 20. So you're missing out on some options.

        1. re: PhilD

          OK, will do MO Bar for pre-dinner drinks and find a more lively place for drinks after our spicy crab dinner. And if the bar at Yardbird is good, we may stay there to eat and drink all night.

      2. Tim's Kitchen - the dishes I tried there all tasted great. Some of the more memorable ones:
        - steamed whole crab claw with egg-white & wintermelon.
        - snake bisque (seasonal)
        - braised pomelo skin with shrimp roe

        Not sure but I think their crispy-skinned chicken required pre-ordering?

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        1. re: klyeoh

          Also, glass shrimp and cheong fun fried with satay beef

          1. re: mikey8811

            Snake soup should be pretty good in November at Tim's Kitchen, and it's a high end version with a lot of material, including Chinese Jinghua ham, chicken, mushroom etc. Also stir fried pork stomach (a very particular cut) 炒肚尖, classic sweet & sour pork. The whole crab claw with egg white and winter melon is an absolute must though.

            1. re: K K

              All great suggestions. I cannot wait for this meal! Thanks for the recs.

          2. re: klyeoh

            Went to the new Tim's Kitchen outpost at Elements today. Pretty solid, quality dim sum. Probably would rate it slightly ahead of the Lei Garden clan. Modest pricing for the location and qualtiy of the food, service, and ambience. Two of us had about half dozen dim sum items plus vegetables, was under HKD 400.

          3. For Nov 28, you will be in Causeway Bay for dinner. Go for drinks there at a place with a view over the harbour. Either Tott's at top of Excelsior Hotel or Hooray at the World Trade Centre. If you can fit it in, late night snack at Tsui Wah is just right next door.

            For Nov 29, the ferry takes you to Tsim Sha Tsui, the Ritz is in West Kowloon which you will have to take a taxi and then you need to double back to TST for Spring Deer. If you are not trying to catch the sunset, then may as well do dinner first before taxing over. Or take the ferry on your way back from Kowloon as it closes at 11:30pm. Also, any reason for Spring Deer?

            On Dec 1, any reason for Tsim Chai Kee? If you want wonton noodles, I would suggest to have it as an afternoon snack to make room for another dinner

            Otherwise, this looks good with a pretty diverse list of places. If you are familiar with Cantonese cuisine, I would suggest adding Bo Innovation as well since that is something that you won't get outside of HK.

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            1. re: HKTraveler

              Couple of other bars that you could check out in HK apart from those you mentioned. They can be slightly skewed towards the corporate sector( expensive) but worth going for visitors in my opinion.

              Sevva at Prince's Building which has a nice rooftop deck with a view
              Cafe Grey at Upper House in Pacific Place
              Top of Crowne Plaza hotel in Causeway Bay, there is a bar which has an 'alternative' view of happy valley racecourse

              Agree Tsim Chai Kee is more an afternoon snack which would allow you to plan another meal - possibly a regional chinese cuisine like sichuan or trying a private kitchen?

              Hope that helps

              1. re: HKTraveler

                Thanks for the tips. We may skip Ozone Bar and go to Aqua Spirit for drinks instead. Looks like they have a view of the light show as well? We chose Spring Deer because I hear it mentioned as a HK institution for Peking duck. Though I know Peking duck is not Cantonese, it does seem like there are good versions in town and it is impossible to find where I live. Any recs for another place for duck, or a good place to eat in TST near Aqua Spirit?

                Also, Tsim Chai Kee was chosen since we will be having an early dinner that night before heading to the airport. I would be open to other suggestions for a dinner near the Landmark Mandarin Oriental at about 6 pm.

                1. re: Yvonne

                  Try Kowloon Tang in the Elements Mall for Peking Duck.

                  1. re: mikey8811

                    Best Peking Duck IMHO is at the Hyatt in Shatin. Probably too out of the way for you though. But they do it the same way that Made in China at the Grand Hyatt in Beijing does it and the duck are from Beijing as well. And this place get booked up quick so if you do want to go, do book weeks in advance.

                    In TST for Chinese food, I would rather head to Din Tai Fung for some good xiao long bao, Yan Toh Heen or Hoi King Heen for solid Chinese food. Between these two, I like Hoi King Heen's food better but Yan Toh Heen has a view of the harbour.

              2. Congrats on the wedding! HK will be great when you come to visit, weather should be cooled down and good for walking around... so you can get hungrier to eat more ^^

                I think your list of food sounds pretty good, but I will tell you now that Yardbird may be nearly impossible for Friday night. The average wait time is like 90~ minutes. My friends work there and they always recommend to go any day of the week that is not a Friday or weekend.

                On Thursday Nov. 29 make sure you're at Ozone around 8pm! That's when the light show is on and it's a beautiful view. Also, if you can save room for dessert there is a really nice HK style dessert shop in the temple street area. I live in the neighbourhood and it is always tempting me...

                Gourmet Dessert Shop (

                1. Yvonne,

                  I'm going to honeymoon in the Maldives this summer and would love to hear about your Maldives trip. Can you point me to that review! Thanks!