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Aug 27, 2012 06:42 PM

roasted tomatillos + peppers from the garden + ????? = DINNER?

I'm roasting the tomatillos from the CSA. Picked a few green peppers from the garden. What to make for dinner tomorrow? I can buy fresh tortillas on the way home. Something fast, delicious, healthy with minimal cooking. Vegetarian or vegan (but no imitation meats, please). To serve 1 as dinner and then leftovers for lunch/dinner.

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  1. If eggs are in the picture,you could make a pumped-up version of huevos rancheros with salsa verde, and black or pinto beans (canned for quickness) stewed down with onions, green peppers, cumin and maybe a few tomatoes. Top off with a dollop of greek yogurt or sour cream, scallions, cilantro, cheese, pico de gallo, minced jalapeno if you're feeling spicy....

    Migas are also a tasty option- in either case, I lightly oil and bake off tortillas instead of deep-frying.

    Leftover migas or huevos rancheroes may not be so tasty. But, you can reserve some bean mixture and make a burrito, top rice with it....or mix with rice, and stuff into peppers to bake off in the oven.

    1. If the peppers you picked are large enough (you didn't mention the variety?) you could also stuff them. Sautee some the (diced) tomatillos with cooked rice and black beans, onions and garlic plus spices of your liking. Finish with a red sauce (or a tomatillo sauce if you are up to making one and have enough toms) and cheese. Pop in the oven for a bit.

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        I ended up sauté ing fiesta tofu with onions and leftover diced steamed potatoes. I stuffed the peppers with it, and doused it in the tomatillos. It is all roasting away in the toaster oven. I was famished and ate the remaining filling wrapped in flour tortillas. It was quite delicious. I suspect some of the peppers are much much hotter than they were earlier in the summer. So it might be quite interesting, although also possibly inedibly hot.