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Aug 27, 2012 06:13 PM

Goat Hill Pizza - West Portal [San Francisco]

Just happened by GHP on its opening day on West Portal Ave. (#170, formerly West Portal Bakery). They are dishing out generous slices for $2 of many of their standard combinations and seem to have discounts on full sized pizzas. A small was a flat $13 which is at least a couple of dollars cheaper than their usual price--I can't remember the prices of the other sizes. They were taking cash only and sticking it into a cash drawer, and the line was out the door when I left. I haven't delved into my Special Combination and Hilda's Favorite slices, but I'm expecting the same solid pizza I remember eating from the Potrero Hill location growing up.

Having just moved back to the West Portal area I'm excited by the new eateries like Market & Rye and classics like GHP. I also saw a sign for a Greek restaurant called Orexi coming soon on the same block as the post office. Fingers crossed for another nearby delight.

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  1. Prices after day #1 went up to $2.50/slice for cheese and $3/slice for the combinations. Not much of a line early in the lunch hour today.

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      I think initially the flat pricing was due to their not having a computer/cash register etc. I'm not sure if the current pricing is still due to the electronic handicap, a grand opening promo, or these are the stable, long run ... well, medium run ... ObKeynes ... prices.

      The pesto slice I had the first night was not that good. It was a bit defective and it was about closing time on the first day, so the incredibly nice person behind the counter gave me a free slice ... also veggie ... which frankly wasnt that great either. A day or two later I got a salami + assorted meat sice which was pretty good.

      It's not really my fav type of pizza ... I lived a few blocks from the Potrero location for 10+ years and maybe went there 3-4 times. But at $3 for that meat slice ... I'd drop in for that again. Also, I recently had a meat-heavy slice from the Tony North Beach slice operation and that blew away every one else ... Pie in the Sky, Goia, the South Bay NY-style place, Speederia, Rotten City (cheeseboard is too different a beast to compare).

      BTW, are the slices up the street at Mozzarella Di Bufala (West Portal) any good?
      Any other casual eats, cafes etc recommended in WP? (sando, slices, mexican take out etc).
      I'm in that area more these days.

      SOPHIA PIZZA is better than I thought it would be ... and open till 1-3am I think, so it's a super-late option in the southern parts.

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        Not my favorite type either, though they did a good job with one of the slices. The cheese slice was lackluster but the tomato/artichoke slice had a pleasing crispiness to it. A little overcharred on the bottom but worth it for the texture.

        Mozzarella Di Bufala was decent - worth a try. I think it's Brazilian-run.

        I've been exploring West Portal a bit this year. The standout so far has been Market and Rye, which has at least one sandwich (the chicken meatball Reuben with caraway/red cabbage slaw) rivaling the stuff Dennis Leary makes at his downtown joints. Submarine Center is also an old standby. There are some OK breakfast options at Cafe Rain Tree and Village Grill (including full Irish breakfasts), but they aren't destinations. Manor Coffee Shop is next on my to-try list.

    2. I wonder whether they will do the all you can eat.on they do at their original location!
      PLEASE do keep us informed about OREXI..Greek food is so rare here!

      1. Goat Hill is a welcome addition to West Portal. Mrs. Wineguy and I have gotten delivery twice and had slices on site once. It seems like slices are the better deal and we liked going there for a quick lunch. The room doesn't make you feel like lingering. It is a long, narrow space with limited seating. While the quality of the ingredients is high, whole pizzas seem overpriced, but a better option than whole pies at the other pizzerias on West Portal (Mozzarella di Bufala and Paradise).