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Aug 27, 2012 06:02 PM

The apples are ready - August 2012

I heard on NPR this morning that Boston area apple orchards are ready for picking because of the early spring. Growers are concerned that the public is not yet in autumn mode and that by the time families arrive for a u-pick outing, some of the trees will be bare of fruit. With 90 in the forecast for this weekend, I doubt many people will be getting apples.

My local farmstand had their own Paula Reds several weeks ago but I wasn't even ready to buy, much less pick!

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  1. Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury has 5 or 6 varieties of apples now. We went peach picking this weekend, but also picked up some Ginger Gold and Paula Red apples too.

    1. I just delivered my Fresh & Local newspaper column on this topic. Russel Orchards is opening their pick-your own on 9/1. I suggested you could pick apples, spend some time on Crane Beach and have dinner at the Clam Box all in Ipswich over the weekend.

      And, the Massachusetts crop will be about 20% smaller this year because of the early warm in March followed by a freeze in April. That killed off the blossoms in some areas.


      1. Off topic a bit, but does anyone know whether the peach season got pushed earlier too? I have enjoyed picking some really excellent peaches in mid-September at Shelburne Farm in Stow.

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          Yes, I was at Red Apple in Phillipston a week ago and peaches were winding down. They usually go through at least mid-September. They also said apples would probably be done by late September--which must be a concern because early October/Columbus Day weekend is usually huge for them. Everything is at least 2 weeks early.

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            I was at Cider Hill Farm last week, and some of the peach varieties were just coming in. It's a beautiful spot, but a bit of a hike up the hill to the peach orchard.

          2. Yeah, we were at Honey Pot in Stow on Sunday and people were wandering into the orchards. It was pretty quiet when we went, so it's a good time to go--once the peak season hits, Honey Pot can be a nightmare.

            1. Honeycrisps have showed up at the farmer's market. Nicewicz Family Farm had some delicious ones at Davis today!

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                My personal favorites so I'll be looking for them at the market.