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Aug 27, 2012 05:49 PM

Queen Anne Inn- Chatham

We had a lovely early dinner. My mom, daughter and I had a desire to try something quite different. QAI fit the bill. This gracious olde world charming setting was completely divine. Our waitress was fantastic, a lovely lady from St. Catherines, Jamaica. She was attentive but in the background never hovering. She assisted in dining choices. We had cocktails off site at Delmar so I was the only one having wine. Our waitress chose a lovely Pinot Gris. My daughter had the beet salad. I had a taste. We agreed the beets and goat cheese blend was nice but the arugula and dressing was a tad too salty for our taste. Mom loved her massive bowl of rich savory clam chowder. She pronounced it the best on Cape Cod. The homemade bread was steamy, yeasty and lovely. My swordfish was cooked to my liking, semi rare. The rice was a little odd. I did not fancy the canned mini shrimp. The broccolini was al dente which I appreciated. My daughter chose the 4 cheese tortellini with wild mushrooms and truffle oil. Very rich, very filling. Mom ordered chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli. She said it was tasty but too rich due to the fat content (butter?). The setting is charming, quiet and slow paced. The music was subtle in the background. We enjoyed our evening. This would be a great spot for a special occasion dinner or group dinner. The Inn is truly lovely.

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  1. We used to enjoy staying at the QAI. The food was excellent and town is but a short walk away. We have not been back for years, as on our last visit off-season I had called to make sure that they would be open and serving dinner, so booked the weekend down to a "T." My wife and I were mighty disappointed when we arrived to celebrate our anniversary after a two-hour drive only to find the Queen Anne shut up for the season and lifeless. I had actually engaged a staff member in conversation about our weekend by telephone. What else can one do, hold a busboy hostage until you get your room key? Feh.