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Aug 27, 2012 05:02 PM

Lay it on me chowhounds of the cape, part 2

Need suggestions for celebratory wedding anniversary dinner saturday night in mid september..someplace that is not blackfish, wicked, sol or pb bistro, but not too far from eastham.

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  1. Captain Linnell in Orleans??

    1. 28 Atlantic at the Wequasset Inn, just over the Harwich line from Chatham on 28. Not to be missed as the best dining experience (food, service, room, view) on the entire peninsula.

      1. Second both suggestions from phelana and CCG. You can also check-out Chillingsworth in Brewster.

        1. Nauset Beach Club in Orleans is supposed to be marvelous.

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            I had several terrific meals at Nauset Beach Club this year, Abba might be another possibility in Orleans, but the kitchen at Nauset Beach Club seemed to be in especially fine form this year. Some family members tried Captain Linnell this year and were disappointed, but they had high praise for the Bramble Inn in Brewster. We must sometime try 28 Atlantic as CCG rarely lets us down on this board.

            1. re: Dan D

              I would choose 28 Atlantic over Bramble and Chillingsworth...

              1. re: phelana

                Thank you all. Checking out websites..28 Atlantic looks gorgeous. I now remember going there a number of years ago when looking for a venue for my daughter's wedding! (they decided on the Caribbean..) It was spectacular site then but now looks way better and is exactly what I asked for.
                Nauset Beach Club has an interesting menu too, obviously has changed hands since the last time I went down Main St.. We will definitely try that, but not for the anniversary.
                Has anyone eaten at Abba lately?

                1. re: alfresca

                  Three of us went 4 weeks ago and everything we had was great. Appetizers- roasted beet salad with fried goat cheese, falafel, and ceviche. Entrees - Hawaiian braised short ribs and 2 orders of rib lamb chops. The blend of herbs and seasonings really made the meals pop.

                  Service was very good Seating can be a bit tight, but not a major issue. A very nice meal.

                  1. re: kneerobber

                    We also had the roasted beet salad with fried goat cheese, a bit hit, along with the lobster and shrimp pad Thai, an amazing smoked bluefish crostini, radish and tomato salad, and wonderful seared scallops with mint pea risotto. Dessert was black sticky rice with pineapple alongside coconut ice cream, very nice. Abba is a reliable choice in Orleans, although they do not vary their menu a great deal and rarely have special selections for the evening. My dining partner loves the bar service and the oxymoron martini.

                    1. re: Dan D

                      What is in that?? Most cocktails on the cape that I have had tend toward the sweet..they haven't discovered the joys of smoky, peppery essences added to alcohol..
                      We have not been to Abba in a number of years. The dining room is not grand like 28 Atlantic looks to be but it was elegant in its own way and interesting food..

                      1. re: alfresca

                        from the Abba menu for after dinner drinks:
                        THE OXYMORON - Stoli Vanilla, Kahlua & Espresso

                        I can't opine on it directly because I only drink occasional wine or beer with food, and not liquor

          2. Many thanks to all for your posts and suggestions..we were set for Abba for September 15 when they called last week and said they were suddenly closing for the season! So we decided to do something completely different and go to hear Leon Russell at the Payomet (awesome!) and got a late res (10 pm) at PB Bistro. We had last been there when it first opened and had a highly disappointing experience but were looking forward to trying again after 3, quelle d'hommage, it was not good! Place is beautiful, service efficient tho not friendly, but the food was so sub! We started with an amuse bouche of the pumpkin soup, a special for the night, tasted like a cloyingly sweet potage, bland, nothing to kick it up, then we splurged on the fois gras which came on a pile of mashed potatoes - because they had run out of spinach as well as having run out of all their specials - (weird) with whole roasted peanuts strewn on top (weirder) and a large slice of apple tart. The cod wrapped in zucchini with vanilla sauce was inedible and the rotisserie organic chicken was likewise drowned in a thick, gummy sauce that tasted like grey poupon straight out of the jar, served with more mashed potatoes and plain green beans. So boring and not what we had expected! We skipped dessert, which probably would have been the best part, but had had our fill of sweets, paid our rather large bill, went home and took alka seltzer.

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            1. re: alfresca

              OMG, Alfresca...quelle domage...I heard Abba closed..also Chef Tobey left Bistro 586 or whatever the number is...why not try Pisces or Cape Sea Grille? .....hope your next dining experience on Cape Cod is wonderful wherever..

              1. re: phelana

                Is Abba closed for the whole winter? Usually they are open late into the fall.

                1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

                  They called me and apologized for not being able to honor my res for Sept 15, saying they decided to close for the season on the 10th, so yes, they are closed. Don't know what happened there, because we have gone there even at Christmas time! It was wonderful. At least they called..

                    1. re: ciclista

                      I read in a recent local paper that the board that licenses restaurants with bars in Orleans allowed Abba to close temporarily because the owners needed to leave the country for an emergency of some sort.

                      1. re: nlgardener

                        I hope all is ok with them and look forward to their re-opening