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Aug 27, 2012 04:54 PM

Really nice Japanese, for a group of 4?

So I have some questions. I was originally set on taking my parents & auntie to 15 East, or Sushi Yasuda, with the main reason being that I had such great experiences there myself. But is it true that four people is probably too many for the sushi counter—will the reservationists insist on assigning us a table? I feel okay settling for a table, but maybe this is an opportunity to try something different.

Update: other than Kyo-ya and Soto, nothing else has really caught my eye. Hrmph.

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  1. As a bunch of people have mentioned on here, the new Blue Ribbon Izakaya and Sushi is really nice and the food is delicious. I've had a couple of meals here myself and found it quite good.

    And its comfort level is quite high too.

    1. A table is also easier to converse at usually.

      I'd ask for the private room at Kyo Ya. The food is excellent. Is this a special occasion? If so, Kyo Ya fits perfectly. It's rather quiet, and calm.

      I really like the new BR Sushi & Izakaya, but the vibe is very different. Love the new outdoor mezzanine and food. The soundtrack is kind of dorky 80s, and the crowd skews young.

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        Well… yes and no. I've already reserved dinner at <a certain temple of Californian-French cuisine>, so at this stage I'm just trying to put plan some meals to complement and contrast with that. There's also the issue of budget, and thus why I thought a nice business lunch at Sushi Yasuda the next day would be a good experience. From menupages, Kyo Ya's cheapest prix fixe is $95, and that might still be okay.

        1. re: calf

          You can also order a la carte at Kyo Ya and share plates. I've done that several times.

          1. re: calf

            If i understand your latest update, you want an inexpensive meal at a really good Japanese restaurant. Sushi or otherwise. Kyo Ya, 15 East, yasuda, Kanoyama, Brushstroke, Soto, Neta, are all going to be more than $100 per person. I recommend as others have, Blue Ribbon izakaya , you can reserve for 4 at sushi bar and also order some cooked dishes there. But as Kathryn suggested, a table is better for conversing. They have many tables. The omakase at Blue Ribbon izakaya ( entrance Allen St.), is $75 a great value. The aji ( 2 ways is great).... Another place that you might enjoy is En Brasserie. Blue Ribbon is open for lunch. Several of the others are not open for lunch.

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Clearly the solution is to have me & auntie have lunch at the counter at 15 East, and mom & dad have lunch at the counter at Sushi Yasuda.

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                I don't remember spending $100pp at Kyo Ya, more like $75pp ordering a la carte.

                1. re: kathryn

                  The tasting menus are $95, $120 and $150. A la Carte i spend the same, especially if i get the rice dishes, and add sake and it is usually $150 pp for me at least.

          2. I have heard wonderful things about Donguri, though I haven't been. But it's Japanese - not sushi. Reservations are required, I believe, as it's a small space.

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            1. re: EBT

              My only complaint w Donguri is once when I went there I ordered too much food and requested a doggie bag for my steak-they said no-they do not do doggie bags. I said well-I do not pay bill! They then gave me a doggie bag. Not a good way to treat customers!!!!

              1. re: EBT

                For me, Donguri is always an excellent choice, but then I have never left food over. It is also a very different type of experience. I also love 15 East. Donguri has a lot of good sashimi, even though they don't have sushi. Reservations are required, although since the Second Ave subway mess, i have found it easier to get reservations at Donguri than it used to be. Have never done lunch, though.