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Bouchee in Carmel?

LawrenceS Dec 3, 2004 07:51 PM

Has anyone had a great experience at Bouchee in Carmel? We are going up for a two-day Carmel weekend and wanted one special dinner in Carmel, since we don't know it so well. As far as location, we are staying at the Highlands Inn and are open to all sorts of ideas.

Thanks, hounders.

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    GoodFoodie Aug 30, 2008 10:06 AM

    Just went to Bouchee a few weekends ago. WONDERFUL food, romantic atmosphere, knowlegeable Sommelier and attentive wait staff.

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      kim c Dec 3, 2004 08:20 PM

      I can't tell you about Bouchee, we had a reservation there and our car battery died so went to the California Market at the Highland's.

      We enjoyed the Pacific's Edge at the Highland's Inn and also had a nice lunch at Casanova. If you want to venture out of Carmel, Sierra Mar in Big Sur is excellent and we also enjoy Roy's in Pebble Beach very much. Let me know how you like Bouchee if you go. ***kim***

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      1. re: kim c
        LawrenceS Dec 3, 2004 09:40 PM

        Thanks very much for your info, Kim. Is the Roy's the same as the ones in the Hawaiian Islands? Last time I ate at Sierra Mar (years ago) the setting was extraordinary, but the meal was a little too experimental. I thought that Deetjens (sp?) was much better. Maybe I should give Sierra Mar another chance. I'll let you know how we fare.

        1. re: LawrenceS
          Lauren J. Dec 6, 2004 02:10 PM

          Recently, we did Deetjen's and Sierra Mar back to back for dinner. Both were excellent. Besides the views, Sierra Mar's food is more sophisticated, wine list is extensive, service more polished with a very modern ambiance. In contrast, Deetjen's food is more relaxed, but every bit as flavorful as Sierra Mar's imo, well-chosen, but smaller wine list, service is professional, yet warm and the ambiance is charming, cozy and romantic by candlelight. Romantics at heart, I have to say we enjoyed the total experience at Deetjen's more.

          1. re: Lauren J.
            LawrenceS Dec 6, 2004 04:39 PM

            This is exactly the nod I was looking for. Thanks so much! I just made a reservation at Deetjen's and we'll probably go up to the Post Ranch for a sunset drink.

            1. re: LawrenceS
              Lauren J. Dec 6, 2004 08:47 PM

              Wonderful idea, the best of both worlds. As you know, Post Ranch has limited hours for non-guests, so I'd check with them to be sure your timing is right.

              You asked about Bouchee, and if for any reason you decide not to drive to Big Sur, I don't think you can miss with it. We like the wine shop and they serve tasty small plates at the wine bar in the early evening, as well as dinner. As I mentioned in another thread, Walter Manzke is now at Bouchee's new sister restaurant, L'auberge Carmel, which is housed in the newly renovated French-style auberge of the same name. There's a 6-course tasting menu with luxurious offerings like lobster, foie gras, duck, etc. that changes daily. Haven't eaten there yet, but it's very cozy and feels a little more old-world and romantic to me than Bouchee, with similar creative local food, but pricier at around $80. Have a great meal at any or all of these places, you lucky pup!

              1. re: LawrenceS
                kim c Dec 7, 2004 06:55 PM

                Deetjen's will be a lots easier on the wallet, also. Our meal at Sierra Mar was around $200 with one glass of wine. Post back on how you like Deetjen's, tho! ***kim***

              2. re: Lauren J.
                PolarBear Dec 6, 2004 08:20 PM

                Haven't had the pleasure of dinner at Deetjen's, but still have fond memories of breakfast there several years ago. There was a small back room with vintage pictures of the area on the wall and stacks of photo albums to go through while munching away. Nostalgia plus.

                1. re: PolarBear
                  Lauren J. Dec 7, 2004 11:55 AM

                  Yeah, we also like breakfast there, especially the Benedicts with grilled sliced tomatoes eaten at a table next to the stone fireplace--mmm. The rustic redwood farmhouse quirky grandpa Deetjen built has always attracted creative souls looking for seclusion in Big Sur, and we're no exception--there's just something about the place. Don't be put off by it's rustic exterior, the food, especially dinner by candlelight is memorable.

              3. re: LawrenceS
                kim c Dec 6, 2004 11:35 PM

                Haven't been to to Deejen's and don't care to try it. The dinner we had at Sierra Mar surpassed all of my expectations. We will definitely return. ***kim***

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