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Aug 27, 2012 03:36 PM


Your responses to our inquiries a couple weeks ago, for breakfast spots and coffee houses made for a great vacation in your beautiful city. We did all the usual tourist things each day and ended each day in a different one of your recommended coffee houses. They were all good, but the winner of our survey was Revolver, by a nose over Coffee Bar in Gastown (which uses 49 Parallel coffee).
The breakfast winner had to be Acacia Fillo Bar with their Banitza and their poached eggs.
Both winners were made even better by some of the warmest, most knowledgeable service we've ever had anywhere. In fact, service everywhere, and the warmth of your people everywhere made for one
great experience. Looking forward to our next visit. Thank you all, BK, LA Chowhound

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  1. Glad it worked out and that you enjoyed some of the recommendations. Interesting to hear you thought so highly of Coffee Bar -- I have read rather mixed reports and haven't made it by as yet, partly because I've gone off 49thP a bit latterly.

    Curious where you dined in the evenings, if you have time/inclination to expound a little... and I'm not being too nosy!

    Links to BK's query posts:

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      Well, lets see how good my memory is ---- we were without car, so we didn't go too far from Blue Horizon Hotel (Robson/Bute) except 2 nights hosted by friend in No Van. The cafe in hotel, Inlets, was surprisingly good & reasonable. The Eatery in Kits, crazy -/asian, good, but too wild & noisy. Water St Cafe in Gastown - Probably our best dinner. Ocean on Alberni - good, but overpriced, trendy, noisy. Pink Elephant on Alberni - ditto and god awful pounding music (?). Should have gone to Kirin which I loved two years ago. And lastly, a very nice waterfront, patio restaurant (name?) in No Van, right across the Inlet from Stanley Park, NW of the bridge on I think Argyle St.

      1. re: Bruce Kerr

        now i am curious - there is an Argyle Ave in West Van (Ambleside) --- parallel to RR trax --- i wonder which restaurant this was?

        1. re: Bruce Kerr

          Sounds like you did much better on coffee and lunches! I'm also curious about the North Van resto -- good ones are thin on the ground over there, especially with patios and waterfront views.

          1. re: grayelf

            yes, you would think there would be more interesting view-of-the-water restaurants over there in W Van but i suppose that area grew up as a cottage waterfront as opposed to tourist shopping waterfront.

            MAYBE we have to count on North Van to create something interesting. At least one can take SeaBus over there.

            Anyway, the only place i can think of right on the sea in WEST Van is the place at Dundarave Pier that likely falls in to the category of great view, serves "seafood" - but? ...

            ie - that "unique" vancouver bc category that was discussed in the Kettle of Fish thread a few weeks ago


      2. Beach House - I'm sure that was it. There were tracks right behind and a small pier off the beach right in front and it was in or close to the Dundarave "village". Our hostess mentioned they had, or were, going through a positive "management" change.