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Aug 27, 2012 03:29 PM

looking for pho/ramen and Thai eastside

Looking for great pho/ramen and Thai in Seattle area, ideally near Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue area but will travel. Thanks.

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  1. Thai: Noodle Boat. Maybe Bai Tong.

    Pho: Your only choice really is Than Bros. Someone mentioned the one inside Crossroad Mall, but I've never tried. There's some chain outlets of Pho Hoa or Pho Tai around but they're generally pretty bad.

    Ramen: Izumi. Skip Yoe's and Boom Noodle.

    Din Tai Fung has good noodles. Even better than their flagship dumplings, I'd say. People also seem to like Wang's dumplings. Although I've tried their food there and it's horribly underseasoned - it's what Asians would love to eat when they have the flu (and that's not a compliment).

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      Bai Tong was very, very good. Liked the Noodle Boat on a prior visit. Thanks.

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        Wangs is underseasoned indeed but tasty with enough hot oil vinegar and soy sauce.

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          Do you mean Yang's Dumplings next to Wonton City? If so, I'd have to agree with you that their food is under-seasoned. It's a shame because they have such great texture on the wraps.

          Also, my go-to Thai restaurant is Thai Kitchen in Overlake. They have excellent som tum and an insanely good appetizer they call garlic chicken wings. It really is so much more. Fried and then smothered in a spicy curry sauce, redolent with basil and chili. Those 2 things and some sticky rice and I'm in Thai Food Heaven..

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            Pho in Crossroads is Papaya. It's far below Than Brothers. Their Renton Landing store is much better than Crossroads, but neither is at the level of Than Brothers.

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              Yes, I mean that place next to Wonton City. Went to Paldo World last night (or at least the remnants of it) and looks like they're loudly advertising xiao long bao now.

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                try the ramen at Ginza in bellevue

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                  1. I agree with HungWeiLo's comments

                    For Pho, Than Bros (locations in Redmond and Bellevue) is of the better eastside choices. I've also been to Pho House, Pho Mignon, Pho Express, Pho Tai in Kirkland, and Square Lotus and some other place in Factoria and put them in the "it'll do" category out of location convenience, pretty much in the order noted. (There's also Pho Tai in Bellevue.)

                    Eastside ramen is sadly lacking. But I do like Yeo's as a convenient work lunch spot, and I think of it as a Chinese version of Japanese lunch.
                    For Yeo's, I got a tip to skip the fish broth noodles, although I've gotten the dumplings in fish broth twice and really liked the broth.

                    Bai Tong so far has been the Thai eastside winner for me. Nappakao, King & I, Nibanna are ok. Gotta try Noodle Boat one of these days.

                    I go to Henry's Taiwan for beef noodle soup, it's a plain broth, dao shao (dough cut) noodles have good texture (sometimes stuck together), beef is tough. I probably didn't make it sound appetizing, but I like it enough to get it once in awhile.

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                    1. re: munkeech

                      Is there a Bai Tong on the Eastside now? I only know of Southcenter.

                      1. re: equinoise

                        East Side Bai Tong is across from the Sears on 24th in the Overlake area.

                        1. re: Brunhilde

                          Nice. Another strong Asian resource in the immediate vicinity of Mayuri, Sichuanese Cuisine, Kebab Palace and Seoul Hot Pot.

                      2. re: munkeech

                        Re: Henry's Taiwan - are they closed now? I went to Paldo World last night to buy something and they're either closing or remodeling.

                        Noodle Boat is leagues ahead of Bai Tong. They're not even on the same planet - but if you're not going out to the 'Quah, Bai Tong is pretty much the only other good one on the eastside. Pen Thai in downtown Bothell is somewhat decent in you're willing to venture a bit north (it's the sister restaurant of Chantanee in Bellevue, which evidently spends 95% on cocktails and food is an afterthought).

                        Stone BBQ in Redmond will probably have cold buckwheat noodles. Everything else they do is high quality, so I'm guessing it extrapolates to their noodles as well. Though it's probably better eaten in the summertime.

                        Not a fan of Yoh's. It's like one of many bad Chinese-run Japanese eateries that you would find in Richmond which use primarily prepackaged items.

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                          What about Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen? It has some relation to Bai Tong, and it appears relatively stylized to match its Kirkland location. However, just from a glance, the menu is deeper than one might expect, especially as regards salads:

                          The place has been open for about a year and this is the first I've heard of it. I'd give it a shot if in Kirkland.

                          1. re: equinoise

                            Isarn is really good and seems quite authentic. I struggle at getting them to make anything truly spicy though (I'm a white guy so that's probably the issue.) Would like to take my Thai friend and see if that's different. The other Thai place I like in Kirkland is Tommy Thai out near the Costco. Absolutely NO problem getting food spicy there!

                        2. For pho, we usually default to What the Pho in Bellevue, though it's largely due to the fact that it's convenient for us to get to.

                          Ramen is oddly underrepresented out here. Can't recommend anything there.

                          Thai has a lot of really nice options. King & I Thai in Bellevue, Royal Orchid in Renton, and Nibanna are kind of the best choices in that field. We tend to default to Royal Orchid, even though it's out of the way.