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Aug 27, 2012 03:26 PM

Wine lists, reasonably priced

Last weekend we went to Baltimore again, and our friends (see baltimorejim) took us to two great restaurants, Fork and Wrench, and Chingale. Dinner was nicely done at both. My topic is wine lists, however.

The list at Fork and Wrench had a notable South American component, with several good bottles in the $30-42 range. At Chingale, all were Italian and, again, many fine choices under $45.

Does anyone know of any restaurants in New York City that can compare with these offerings?

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  1. For the Italian component, the 'inotecas, Corsino, Lupa and Otto and have wine lists with any number of good choices in your price range.

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      Thanks, mitchleeny. I'll be revisiting them with this new thought.