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Aug 27, 2012 03:15 PM

cocktail themed dinner for a crowd: car camping

Here's a challenge for you: we're doing a group, multi-day bike trip with a truck for SAG support. The theme for each night's dinner is a cocktail. You then match the dinner to the cocktail.

We are a group of 10, fairly healthy eating, fairly adventurous, but with one dedicated vegetarian and two flexitarians (prefer veg, but will eat fish or really hedonistic meat).

Charcoal grill will be available.

Minimal dishes, with max prep beforehand preferred.

We are the first night, so perishable is not horrible (will have a 7 hour drive after leaving home/prior to arriving at campsite).

Current selections other cook crews have done:
Gin and tonic with curry
Sazeracs with Cajun
Beanacopia with margs (not sure on the connection there ;-) )

of course, we could do margs and taco/burrito/fajita bar but don't want to take that from some of the less adventurous groups. Trying to go out on a limb here. Any ideas (and if the connection between the cocktail and meal is not obvious, as long as it is clever, we can make a game of naming the connection as well)...

I've thought of tapas and sangria (but I'll admit, I hate sangria, any sangria, even though I love wines). Anything Italian and wine (I know, I know, weak). Asian spring rolls with a ginger type drink.

Bring on the ideas!

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  1. Lobster rolls and bellinis.

    A day ahead:

    Boil your lobsters, put the cut-up meat (large chunks, please) in a freezer bag and toss it into your chilly ice chest. Liquify a punch of ripe, white peaches in your blender. Strain the liquid, add a few drops of lemon juice so it doesn't brown and pour it off in a mason jar or two and freeze. Add the jars to your ice chest before you leave.

    You'll need large hot dog rolls (top-loaders are best), butter, a sauce pan, a bowl, lemon, mayo, salt and fresh herbs to assemble the finished product. Google Jasper White if you're unsure how. You'll also need some plastic champagne flutes to host your prosecco/white peach mix.

    Brush the rolls with melted butter and lightly toast them on the grill before filling them. It takes longer to type these instructions than to assemble the rolls in the field. Bring more white peach juice and prosecco than you think you'll need.


    1. Just off the top of my head:

      Jamaican Mules or Daiquiris & Jerk chicken sandwiches (grill a jerk seasoned portabella cap for the veg)
      Mojitos & Cubano sandwiches w plantains & black beans
      French 75s or Sidecars & quiches w vichyssoise
      Russian vodka shots & Borscht w pierogies
      Sake cocktails & Sushi rolls ( or make cute bento boxes)
      Tequila Sunrises & Clayudas (Mexican pizza like an open faced quesadilla)
      Hefewizen & smoked sausages, bratwurst & sauerkraut (can you do a microbrew?)
      Caipirinhas or Pisco Sours & grilled skirtt steaks w chimichurri sauce, grilled veggies too

      Sorry they are not all vegetarian, but, rice & fresh veggies & tropical fruits could help round it out for the vegetarian. Hope that helps with some ideas, good luck, sounds fun!

      1. LOVE these ideas! Keep 'em coming: the more to pass along to the cook crew the better (and veg substitutes by rice and veggies are fine)!

        1. Dark and stormy's and ginger themed meal (all sorts of stir fry ideas would work fine) and ginger snap cookies.

          Or Manhattans and bourbon themed food (yams with bourbon glaze, for the meat eaters...bourbon glazed ribs, salad with bourbon maple dressing)