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drinks near 54th and madison ave.

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i'm looking for a place to have a drink and talk in the late afternoon.
please, what's the closest place near that intersection two people can just walk into, sit down, and have a quality cocktail and/or beer?
food not required.

many thanks.

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  1. How about Bar Room at the Modern? It does get a little loud in the early evening but afternoons are quiet.

    1. Papillon is on 54th and Madison. Not sure how quality the cocktails are but they have a fairly good selection of beer, I think.

      1. If you're willing to spend the bucks, hop in to the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis: http://kingcolebar.com/

          1. Four Seasons Hotel Bar 57th btw Mad and Park. Definitely pricey, but very quiet.

            1. Some good suggestions above, although I personally would skip Papillon and Beacon. I've often tried to come up with an answer to the same question since this is near my office. Anyone have an opinion on the Monkey Bar for drinks? Is it fun or silly and overpriced?

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                The drinks are good and the decor is fun, but the bar area in front can be pretty loud.

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                  many thanks to one and all for the suggestions. i do find it hard to believe any bar is going to be really loud in the late afternoon (say, around 4 p.m. to 6, and on a weekday, which i apologize for not mentioning), but maybe i'm just a rube.