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Aug 27, 2012 01:43 PM

Where can I find Goat in Nashville?

I would love to make some tasty goat. However, I'm having trouble finding it at my typical outside-of-the-box sources(K&S or farmers markets). Hit me with some ideas please!

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  1. There are several Halal markets in the Nolensville Rd area and I think some of them carry goat. However, I've put the word out on my Twitter network ... I'll post if anyone has any recs.

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    1. re: TLF

      TwitterNation has spoken ... there's a small Halal butcher in the strip center across from the zoo. "Best to go on Wednesday" is the advice.

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        Excellent! Just made my day TLF. Thank you!

    2. So the OP posts a question. Five hours later, the first respondent states he/she will post elsewhere on the internet and get back to OP. New info is posted. 18 hours after original post, OP sees response.

      So I input Nashville and goat and meat into a search engine and within seconds have several locations in Nashville for goat meat.

      Does anybody ever look for themselves first when seeking a product in their own home time before involving several other people to assist them?

      Goat is available at my local Shop-Rite, maybe yours too.

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          Sometimes I wonder the same thing. HOWEVER, I can see the logic of posting a question here. A google search isn't going to necessarily turn up the best places. In this particular case, I didn't just post "elsewhere on the Internet" but I asked a specific group of people who I knew would come up with good recommendations with personal experience to back it up. Would a google search have necessarily included the information that "Wednesday is the best day to go?"

          I don't know where you are, but we neither have "Shop-Rites" nor a large enough ethnic population to warrant exotic meats in local supermarkets. The OP mentioned K&S, which is THE large independent supermarket that carries all sorts of international & ethnic foods, including things like live fish. If K&S don't carry it, the OP & I both know that no American chain supermarket is going to carry it more than likely.

          So, I don't know how you wandered onto this board/thread, but in this case two locals talking to each other understand the landscape a lot better than you or google would.

        2. Hello. There is an international market on Logan St. off of Thompson Lane next to the Thai restaurant Ginger. I've seen them sell goat. I haven't purchased any but they are very nice at the store & helpful. I can't remember the name. Good luck!