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Aug 27, 2012 12:04 PM

German beer by the liter

It's Autumn and a girl's fancy turns to thoughts of! We're wondering if there's anywhere in the Boston area (up to southern NH) that serves the traditional German 'masse'. Bonus points for good pretzels as well. I don't think Karl's Sausage Kitchen will have them, although maybe he'll fill one of my steins. LOL

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  1. You might have a better (more informed) response on this if you try the New England forum on the Beer Advocate website, but here are some thoughts:

    Jacob Wirth is the most traditionally "German" bar in the downtown area, but I don't think they serve full liters.

    In Allston, Deep Ellum serves a kickass pretzel, and nearly always has some great German beers on tap (but they're generally served in .4 liters).

    In Cambridge, Lord Hobo also usually has some good German beers on tap. But served no larger than half-liters.

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    1. re: huuvola

      Lord hobo had both half liter and full liter beers on tap on Tuesday, FYI.

      1. re: gini

        I think their 1L is the High & Mighty beer of the gods

    2. When I want beer in a liter (or a huge glass boot), I make the trek down to East Side Restaurant in New Britain, CT. Not a short trek, but it's a wonderful place.

      1. Magoun's Saloon in Somerville serves their German beers in 1L during September.
        See their Oktoberfest events and things here:

        I always make it a point to get here during September, usually at least one of the Wednesday nights for the German specials and traditional beers.

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        1. re: rknrll

          Can't wait for Schweinschaxen.

          To the OP: Redbones has one liter mass krugs all year and usually something on tap from Germany to fill it.

          1. re: LStaff

            God, ate a Schweinschaxe in Dusseldorf that was nearly the death of me.

            2 pounds of boiled pork knuckle served by waiters with huge guts wearing lederhosen and pounding schnaps. Quite the experience. Think this was the place:


            1. re: StriperGuy

              No liter steins that I noticed, but I had an impressive pork knuckle with spaetzle and braised kale from the Oktoberfest menu at Canary Square a few days ago. If any meal called for a Fernet-Branca afterward, that was it. (Probably should have been a J├Ągermeister, which despite the unfortunate frat-boy associations is actually a very effective digestif after ingesting a pork-fat bomb.) They have a lovely, appropriate beer selection, too.

              Don't have the photo handy to upload just now, but one is in my Facebook "cover photos" album, the fourth one in as of today: You might have to friend me to see it; I'll upload it here when I get back to where I store my food photos.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                Here's a photo of the Canary Square pork knuckle with spaetzle and braised kale.


                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Was the skin crisped up? Pork cracklins are my favorite part of this dish.

        2. Mead Hall in Cambridge did it last year, German beer in gigantic steins, that is.

          1. New England is something of a wasteland for Germanic food traditions, as most of the German immigrants headed to places farther west. I think the fabled Student Prince in Springfield only has 1/2 liter mugs, but it tends to be a go-to kinda of thing, of course far afield of your request area....