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Aug 27, 2012 11:53 AM

Best instant coffee

Folgers and Taster's Choice being offered at Costco now. Are they any good? If not, which one should I try?

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  1. The Folger's is my daily morning brew.

    1. Here's a very very recent thread, with lots of replies (79), that addresses this very question. You might find a brand discussed therein that appeals to you:

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      1. I would suggest trying small jars of either brand from your grocery store before buying in bulk from Costco. Those types of instant coffees are the kind you'll either like or hate. Would be unfortunate to buy in bulk and hate it on the first taste.

        For me, the only instant coffee that I've purchased that tasted like a regular cup of drip coffee is the Starbuck's Vias. They are not entirely instant coffee, but also micro-ground coffee.

        1. Nescafe Clasico is great. I get it at Safeway.

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            That's Taster's choice, one in the same, they just market it as Nescafe Classico to the hispanic countries.

          2. Not at Costco, but Trader Joe's instant coffee is good.