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Aug 27, 2012 11:19 AM

Le Couteau/ Knife -

Why does this newbie 3rd wave cafe always appear to be closed? I've been passing by on numerous week/end mornings but always to find them closed. Most disappointingly, after finishing up a morning run yday, I thought I would try them one final time with a newspaper in hand but only to be denied again. Evidently, I and a few others stood in disbelief while staring at Sunday shop hours - noon to 6 pm!

Given their recent opening status, I'm stunned by their lackadaisical attitude and lack of will to promote their business. With so many other 3rd wave cafe's opening up, what's with these guys?

I'm sorry to say but they've lost my vote.

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  1. Ha! Funny you said that. I was just saying the same thing about Jonah James Café in Westmount. Closed during peek hours. I don't get it.

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    1. re: causeimhungry

      Cafe Jonah James is now open until 11pm Tuesday through Sat Sunday and Monday till 7!

    2. It's probably a 4th wave coffee "Thing"... :-)

        1. The hours are on the website. Do you mean that sometimes they are closed even on these hours? If not, I don't see what's the problem...

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            1. re: Glaff

              Agreed. What's the difference between a coffee shop that has limited hours on a Sunday and a restaurant that's closed 1 day a week?
              These cafes are not large corporate chains so they can't operate like one. They are small, owner-run businesses. I've also noticed that they seem to have good labor conditions. Closing the cafes (or limiting hours) on holidays so that their employees can also enjoy a day off is great IMO.

            2. that would be a logical first step (check website) but I have never needed to do this before visiting a coffee shop and I don't intend to start now. My point is that I find they keep irregular hours which doesn't bode well to the average morning coffee consumer.
              At any rate, Café Flocon was open Sunday morning. - Excellent alternative.

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              1. re: Auguste Gusteau

                So sad that my relationship with Le flocon has ended. I was there with my baby in a sling and the baby accidentally pushed over my coffee. I had already asked for it in a takeout cup so there was no breakage. The Le flocon employee just glared at me. A fellow customer helped me clean up the spill with serviettes we found and I had to ask the employee for damp dish towel to mop it up as I knelt down with 22 pound baby in sling on my knees. This went on for about 10 minutes or more as the employee did nothing to help and I continued to clean table and chair legs as customers looked on. Employee didn't offer to replace the coffee, but eventually told me to just leave it because they'd eventually bring out a mop. I had also left tip as I always do. Our family goes there every week since they've opened, and made extra special effort since the opening of Starbucks on the corner. We've brought people there from all over the world. I understand that babies can be slightly annoying from a service point of view but I don't think customers deserve to be treated that way...

                1. re: deborahm

                  This is pretty unacceptable, even if they were extremely busy. As a point of contrast, a friend of mine once spilled an espresso on his shirt while at Myriade during a particularly hectic time, and they not only cleaned up his mess and replaced his coffee, but also gave him a new shirt.

                  (I should also mention that merely wearing this shirt has earned him free coffees at other cafes around the world)

                  1. re: Fintastic

                    I am reluctant to use this site for negative reviews but receiving such poor service really spoils the café experience. It's too bad because I really liked supporting them and going there both with and without baby! That's great about Myriade! Will have to make sure I go there next time I am downtown (although I promise not spill my coffee!).