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Do you watch you tube for cooking?

I find myself watching Maangchi on youtube to help me learn to cook Korean food. What are you watching?

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  1. Sometimes for sheer entertainment but in the category of Indian sweets, like ladoo, for technique. I love watching those videos.

    1. I search what's my interest for the moment so I don't watch any one person or channel. However, I do find "Cooking with Dog" amusing.

      1. Mimmo Corcione, a Naples-born home cook with personality and skill, making Neapolitan classics with humor and warmth. He's got an extensive Youtube channel.

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          Mimmo Corcione is great, thanx for the tip. Check out Chucheman.

        2. Yes I watch if someone sends me something, or I stumble on something. How to completely debone a chicken was interesting, and the one about separating eggs was cool. I don't usually go looking for topics tho.

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            Do you mean the video using a plastic water bottle to suck out the yolk?

          2. I recently watched Jacque Pepin debone a chicken with a pairing knife to learn this technique. Have watched many YouTubes to learn knife sharpening techniques

            1. I have watched Maangchi on youtube too, but not more than 5 times. I have watched many other youtube videos for cooking related information -- all kind of things.

              From Chinese stir fry videos to cookware seasoning videos to debone chicken videos to knife sharpening vidoes to knife cutting technique videos....etc.....

              Of course, I sometime watch Giada De Laurentiis videos too (as rare as it may be)

              In all honesty, I actually do not watch nearly as much about recipes related videos as the other cooking related videos. By far the most, I think I watched more about knife sharpening videos in total.

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                Giada IS beautiful. And some of her recipes have inspired deliciousness in my own kitchen. :)

                For me, I enjoy the video recipes on Italianfoodnet.com--they are often posted with English subtitles. Their motto: "Italians do EAT better." And I say, yes, we do. Here is a link to one of their videos I used as a springboard to make my own tapenade pasta:

                When I was knife shopping, I also watched YouTube for reviews. And I've watched some of the sharpening videos, too, because I am geeky like that.

                ETA: "My Drunk Kitchen" on YouTube is pretty amusing. Here is the ice cream episode:
                Her wacky "Hello!" gets me every time.

              2. Nadia G. is outrageous and truly bitchin'. We need more comediennes who love to cook.

                1. Iyes, I certainly have. there are times that I want to see how something is made from start to finish. think that I can view better on video's for say how to: roti-raita -chicken tikka- clone cinna bunns etc. plus I also like to see how people are filming themselves and if it seems fun to them, viewing their cooking equipment and seeing how good their recipes are. when making the chicken tikka they said to use home made yogurt if possible, well I didn't know how to do that since I don't have a yogurt maker. watching a lovely lady make it on a video helped a lot but she was inefficient in the actual stating of ingredients and didn't finish stating the recipe or times. so sometimes I watch for the shear humor.

                  1. You tube is great for recipes...perfect steak 500 degree pan then 3 mins in oven per side... plus tons of Eric Rupert fish tips. As far as YouTube shows could not care less..same with cooking shows it's all about info at your finger tips.

                    1. Just for fun, Vegan Black Metal Chef. An interesting approach to a cooking show.

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                        I tried his Pad Thai - it's the recipe I use now. Much better than the other internet Pad Thai recipe I tried.

                      2. I've watched all of the videos in Chicago Reader's "Key Ingredient" series on YouTube. It's somewhat like Chopped in that each episode features a chef figuring out what to cook with a given (usually strange), but episodes are usually about 5 minutes, it's all within Chicago, and the chefs get more of a chance to talk about what they're doing and why and do everything in their own kitchens. It's great if you're interested in Chicago's chefs and still cool if you just like seeing talented cooks talk about what they do (and you get to learn about unusual ingredients).

                        1. glad I read this again, made me think I'll have to check more of them out.

                          1. I like Radha Rayasam's cooking videos. Love her outfits and when she says " cook it on looowww"


                            1. Since this has resurfaced: Mario Batali has a dandy channel going on, and the Harvard Science of Cooking series is online. Heston Blumenthal has a lot uploaded. Jamie Oliver's channel isn't bad. Food Network and Cooking Channel update regularly.

                              Oh and Chow


                              but honestly I've never looked for them on YouTube until now. WHOSE FAULT IS THAT CHOW

                              1. Chef John from Foodwishes, by far one of my favorites.

                                If you enjoy Asian recipes, I would also suggest AsianCookingMadeEasy on Youtube, and I think SteamyKitchen is on there too.

                                1. I have youtubed various unknowns like OMGpaleo's site on Youtube.

                                  But mainly, I use Youtube more for home-fix-it projects like last summer, to learn how to use concrete patch on my front stoop.

                                  1. Food and Wine has been airing quickie food tips on their channel. Here's one on making ice cream without an ice cream maker:


                                    "Mad Genius Tips" they call the series. Some practical, some gimmicky. Ongoing:


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                                      Also, I can't remember if I posted this elsewhere, but for anyone interested there's a channel with, among a lot of other stuff, buried gems from Julia Child, Susan and Mary Sue, Madhur Jaffrey, Marcia Adams, Debbie Fields, and others I'm probably missing.


                                      Plus a five-part promotional video announcing an upcoming (as of 1993) "Network Preview" of some crazy cable network that was only about food! What crazy days those were, those 90s.

                                    2. There's a woman named Maria, in Germany, with YouTube videos under the name of WonTonMien, I think, who I watch for nostalgia purposes as much as cooking.

                                      She does basic and non-basic Chinese dishes, of the kind I should have learned if I'd listened to my mother and watched her in the kitchen. The key thing for me is that she speaks in Cantonese, and there are English subtitles, so a lot of the ingredients/techniques/vocab that I only vaguely know the Cantonese names for I can match to English words.

                                      Plus, nostalgia! Having a middle-aged Cantonese woman lecturing me on cooking is kind of like having my mom back again. Only Maria is less shouty.

                                      1. please post a link to the ones you're speaking of

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                                          great idea! I'll be watching some new ones over the weekend it appears due to this thread...LOL!

                                        2. I'm sure there's a hell of a lot of useful culinary information on YouTube, but no.

                                          1. Yes, all the time :)

                                            I find it invaluable for certain things, especially garnishes. There are some really great video's on making chocolate decorations, Japanese style veg garnishes, sushi making, de boning different meats -and butchering techniques, making lacto fermented things (good ones on making natural soda pop).

                                            Videos are wonderful for learning techniques, IMO and I have been searching youtube for videos that test small kitchen appliances (before I decide on one). It is nice to see them in action and really nice when they test them side by side.

                                            1. Daisy Martinez!


                                              She seems to have stopped uploading about a year ago, and it's just her cooking at home on cell phone video, simple and straight forward.

                                              1. I've always loved that little Maangchi (Emily Kim)...she's adorable and her recipes are pretty darned good! Have become more interested in raw vegan preparation lately (so it can't really be called cooking I guess). Dara's pretty good and I find her videos quite uplifting too.

                                                1. Yes, all the time. I prefer full episodes to the 5-minute how-tos but they do come in very handy sometimes.

                                                  I'm not into molecular gastronomy too much, but I do enjoy Heston Blumenthal's programming from the UK:


                                                  Hugh Fearnley Whittingstal from River Cottage in the UK also has a great channel:


                                                  And I am totally hooked on "Gourmet Farmer" from Australian Channel SBS. It is based in Tasmania (gorgeous!) and has three full seasons 30 min. each.


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                                                    Thanks so much for the recommendation for Gourmet Farmer - I'm really enjoying it.

                                                    Will have to check out River Cottage as well... Heston I've watched before. He's great!

                                                  2. I go to Youtube to learn about obscure 'ethnic' dishes. I've watched a family in Ecuador make a blood sausage soup, teens in Sweden baking a pancake, Spaniards making a mess while flipping a tortilla, paella competitions in Spain, tamale preparation in open thatched kitchens in Mexico, and street vendors making Pad Thai.