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Aug 27, 2012 11:20 AM

Do you watch you tube for cooking?

I find myself watching Maangchi on youtube to help me learn to cook Korean food. What are you watching?

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  1. Sometimes for sheer entertainment but in the category of Indian sweets, like ladoo, for technique. I love watching those videos.

    1. I search what's my interest for the moment so I don't watch any one person or channel. However, I do find "Cooking with Dog" amusing.

      1. Mimmo Corcione, a Naples-born home cook with personality and skill, making Neapolitan classics with humor and warmth. He's got an extensive Youtube channel.

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        1. re: bob96

          Mimmo Corcione is great, thanx for the tip. Check out Chucheman.

        2. Yes I watch if someone sends me something, or I stumble on something. How to completely debone a chicken was interesting, and the one about separating eggs was cool. I don't usually go looking for topics tho.

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          1. re: Nanzi

            Do you mean the video using a plastic water bottle to suck out the yolk?

          2. I recently watched Jacque Pepin debone a chicken with a pairing knife to learn this technique. Have watched many YouTubes to learn knife sharpening techniques