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Aug 27, 2012 11:17 AM

AMA - Sea Bright

The sign for the new location of Ama is up in front of The Driftwood Cabana Club on Ocean Avenue

Does anyone know if they have had a soft opeing yet or when the official opening night will be?

Their web site has not been updated

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  1. I called Driftwood. I was told that they hope to open for Labor Day weekend, but it's possible that the opening will push out to the following weekend. They do not yet have phone number dedicated to the restaurant.

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    1. re: fershore

      Thank you for doing that, can't believe I did not think of that

      I am really looking forward to seeing what how this turns out - fairly exciting

      Any thoughts / predictions???

      1. re: carlylecat

        Just hope it doesn't go from cozy and really good food to too large and mediocre food, say like Mr. Cs did some years back.

        1. re: carlylecat

          Well, considering the location, opening after Labor Day seems risky. The good news is that they'll have plenty of time to work out any kinks by next summer.

          I never dined at the original location. If it's good, I will be loyal all year long.

          1. re: fershore

            We dined at Ama for the first time a few months ago. As one who has never found an Italian restaurant in the area that's anything but awful, I was very impressed with Ama's food and really liked the charming ambiance. We intended to go back but didn't manage to do so before the move.

            Frankly, I'm leery about this kind of change because too often when restaurants expand, the food quality deteriorates and the restaurant loses its soul. That said, Chef Pat Trama is extremely talented and has very high standards, so I hope that will mean the food at this new location will be just as wonderful, and that whatever they are doing with the decor will make it feel like the old Ama.

            Photos of our Ama dinner (Atlantic Highlands location):