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Aug 27, 2012 10:49 AM


Friday night 4 of us went to Persepolis on the UES. It was very good Persian food. We ordered a variety of appetizers, hummus, babaganough, yoghurt & beets and a salad. All very tasty and served with two types of excellent bread.
For entrees we had lamb shish kebab, kefta kebab and chicken stew. The lamb was nice and juicy and spiced just right. We expected the chicken stew to have chunks of chicken but it was more like shredded chicken. Very tasty with some type of nuts.
Finished off the meal with baklava and demitasse.
Nice space and very attentive servers.
We don't get up to the UES for dinner much but Persepolis was well worth it.

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  1. Glad to know you liked it. Years and years ago, when I was dragged there regularly by my (Iranian) parents, and was totally turned off by the owner griping about his woes, their chicken kabobs were outstanding--moist, rich with saffron, onion and lemon. They're one of the only places I know of in NY to get makhloot (the mix of Iranian saffron/pistachio ice cream and faloodeh-frozen rice noodles in a ice shlushy).

    Their other restaurant, Shalizar, recently closed. It was a little better, and was Michelin starred. I'm surprised they kept Persepolis and not Shalizar, but know nothing about what went into their decision.

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      I forgot that I had that dessert with the rice noodles. It took a while for my palate to figure out but in the end we all finished it and gave 4 thumbs up!!

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        It's best if it's thawed appropriately, if the noodles are long and unbroken (and, for my Iranian palate, if the lemon juice is slathered on). It can also be served with sour cherry syrup, but I'm all for the sour, not the sweet. IIRC, the Persepolis version is passable but alas nothing compared to what you can get in any street ice cream shop in Iran.

        1. re: rose water

          Iranian "owner griping." Hard to believe? LOL!

          1. re: Motosport

            His pet peeve (again, like 15 years ago, if not more) was that Iranians don't buy wine. We'd be sitting there with pitchers of doogh (savory yogurt/mint drink) and no wine, and I'd wonder if he was passive-aggressively indicating his displeasure with us, or just clueless.