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Stamford CT chicken wings

Just moved from westchester,ny. Do I have to go back to Candlelight Inn for great wings or does Stamford have a great place of its own!?

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  1. Bradford's, at least what I remember were very decent. Their seasoned waffle fries and cheese are legit. Good spot for Football overall.

    1. Candlelight Inn? Where is that? Stamford has awesome wings at Bobby V's (my vote for the best), Vinny's backyard, Bradford's, i hear Seaside Tavern has great wings (but never had them myself)

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        I had bobby v's the other night. Good but it superlative.

      2. I love the wings at Coalhouse Pizza (High Ridge Rd, Stamford). I have heard about Candlelight Inn wings though, need to get over there!

        1. I haven't had wings in Stamford but Candlelight is an iconic place. You'll definitely still have to go back from time to time! We moved from White Plains to Greenwich and still try to make it back there every now and again. Yum.

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            Candlelight inn is in hartsdale. If u ever go there ask for hot sauce and teriyaki together. It's unreal!!!

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              I agree that Bobby V's and Bradford's have decent wings, but in my opinion, they cannot touch Candlelight. That said; Candlelight is not in or near Stamford. It's quite a ways from Stamford, into NY.

              What sets them apart for me is the extra care they take. It's such a little thing, but consider how they cut the wings into the traditional two pieces but keep them barely connected so you know they came in as whole wings and were trimmed there.

              I usually go for the hot sauce, and I think it's great. The place is a local's joint that has sort of exploded; it's a little dive-y with a couple of quirks and the menu is just mostly bar snacks and some sandwiches, but the wings are awesome and a lot of people know it.

              The fact that they have a second building next door just for catering should say something.

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                Gonna have to make a special trip to this Candlelight Inn now...

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                  So to summarize, the best wings in Stamford are in Hartsdale, NY?

                  I hadn't heard of Candlelight before, but it sounds well worth the trip.

          2. Another vote for Vinnie's. Same people who owned the Fireside, who also had great wings.

            Also, although I haven't tried them myself, I've surprisingly heard good things about the wings across the street at Twin Rinks.

            Candlelight can be hit and miss. When they're on, they're fantastic. But more than once they haven't been cooked properly (not fried enough) or have been oversauced.

            1. Being rather new to Stamford i have to reinforce what was said. Bobby V's and The Rink as well as Coalhouse all have "decent wings". They might even be "good" by CT standards much like some stamford Pizza is "good" for CT. However, in comparison to something like Candlelight they are really a joke. They are not even in the same category let alone class. Someone who has been to Candlelight told me there is a great place in Greenwich which they rate right behind Candlelight but they couldn't remember the name. Any ideas anyone??

              1. old thread but dinosaur BBQ jumbo wings are great